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listenUN Nuclear Watchdog Agency Helps Bring Radiotherapy Technology to Developing Countries

AGartIn October, the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy brought together regional experts, representatives of international organizations and manufacturers of radiotherapy equipment in Vienna for the Fourth Meeting of the Advisory Group on increasing access to Radiotherapy Technology (AGaRT) in low and middle income (LMI) countries. The meeting's 35 participants met to endorse affordable, appropriate and suitable radiotherapy technologies and turn-key solutions for low and middle income Member States, and to discuss the preparation of guidelines for radiotherapy sales and service contracts to guarantee long-term radiotherapy functionality.

This meeting was the fourth in a series meant to address the shortfall of radiotherapy services in LMI countries. Radiotherapy is an essential component of treatment for many forms of cancer, but it is not accessible to many people in the developing world.  Listen UN Radio Story


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