Nuclear Sciences and Applications Activities at the 57th IAEA General Conference

57 GC NA ActivitiesAs delegates of IAEA Member States from around the world make their way to Vienna for the Agency's 57th General Conference, preparations are underway to highlight the IAEA's accomplishments in 2013 as well as draw attention to plans for the future. This year, the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications (NA) will be hosting two side events, on 19 September, as well as holding an exhibition on NA's work throughout the course of the Conference, which runs from 16-20 September at IAEA Headquarters. The Department will also contribute to a second exhibition that gives a thematic overview of IAEA activities in food, health, industrial applications, water, energy and waste.

The first NA side event at this year's General Conference will take a look at the modernization of the Nuclear Sciences and Applications Laboratories in Seibersdorf. A new initiative called "ReNuAL" is being prepared in 2013 to renovate the NA Laboratories, to be implemented from 2014-2017. ReNuAL is set to mobilise support to provide the IAEA's 51 year-old laboratories with the infrastructure, space and equipment they need to continue to address the evolving range and complexity of Member States' growing demands for increasing technological development. The side event will highlight on-going laboratory-based projects in food and agriculture, nuclear science and instrumentation, environmental protection and human health.

The IAEA's role in cancer control, through its Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT), will be the subject of the second NA side event. At the event, HE Mr Mahmoud Hassan El Amin, the Sudanese Ambassador will host a panel discussion with Dr Freddie Bray of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Dr Hamoud Al-Husseini of Yemen and Dr Charles Isabirye of Uganda on PACT Programme Activities. Established by the IAEA in 2004, PACT stands as the IAEA's umbrella programme for addressing the global cancer epidemic, building upon the IAEA's experience in radiation medicine and technology by focusing on comprehensive cancer control. The side event will provide a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted role that PACT plays in cancer control, ranging from the provision of technical assistance to championing regional, south-south solutions.

NA will also be holding an exhibition throughout the General Conference, highlighting the role of nuclear techniques for global development and environmental protection. Those participating in the 57th General Conference are encouraged to stop by to learn more about the Agency's work in nuclear sciences and applications.

Information on NA's work in food, health, industrial applications and water can also be found at a thematic exhibition, "Making a Difference with Nuclear Technology". This exhibit provides a look at the IAEA's work in various development fields.

For those visiting the General Conference:

NA Side events will take place in the M building of the Vienna International Centre in room M4, on the building's ground floor, at the following times:

13:00 - 14:30: ReNuAL: Renovating the Nuclear Sciences and Applications Laboratories in Seibersdorf

14:30 - 16:00: IAEA-PACT: A Conversation on the IAEA's Role in Cancer Control

The NA exhibition "Securing a Better Future for All: Nuclear Techniques for Global Development and Environmental Protection" will be running from 16-20 September on the first floor of the M building (M01). NA staff will be present at the exhibit throughout the course of the conference to answer questions and provide information materials.

The thematic exhibition, "Making a Difference with Nuclear Technology" will be located on the second floor of the M Building (M02) from 16-20 September. Information on the IAEA's work in the use of nuclear technology for sustainable development will be available at the exhibition.