11 MAY 2015

Launching of the 2015 Isotope Hydrology Symposium

Climate Smart Soil Practices for enhanced productivityVienna, 11 May 2015. The 14th Isotope Hydrology Symposium opened today at IAEA Headquarters with the theme ‘Revisiting Foundations and Exploring Frontiers’. For more than 50 years, the IAEA has organized quadrennial symposia providing a unique opportunity to review the state-of-the-science, practical applications, research trends and needs in isotope hydrology.

Since the first symposium in 1963, which was attended by representatives from 14 countries, the IAEA has been deeply committed to helping to generate detailed, quantifiable knowledge of the state of the world’s water supplies and to improving our understanding of the impact of climate change on our water resources. Today, 84 Member States are represented, attesting to the importance and recognition of the work that has been undertaken over the last five decades both within the Agency and abroad, and confirming the fact that nuclear science and technology have now, more than ever, much to contribute to the achievement of development goals.

Isotope hydrology contributes to a fundamentally better understanding of the water cycle. It has many applications in water resources assessment and management, the study of major aquifers and the age of water therein, climate impacts on the water cycle, and in understanding effects on ecology, wildlife and food source traceability.

The main objectives of the 2015 symposium are to review and revisit the foundational principles of isotope hydrology in the light of the current state of knowledge; as well as the recent developments in analytical instrumentation and applications of isotopes in water and climate studies. This unique gathering of water and environment professionals from developed and developing countries as well as government officials, policymakers and those responsible for the assessment of environmental programmes is scheduled for five days until 15 May.

For more information on the meeting please visit here.