21 MAY 2015

IAEA participation in FANUS 3rd Conference contributes to new findings on infant and young child feeding practices in Africa

FANUSNext week, the IAEA will participate in the 3rd Federation of African Nutrition Societies Conference (FANUS), taking place 25-29 May 2015 in Arusha, Tanzania, with a 90 minutes session on ‘Breast feeding and Complementary Feeding’, featuring presentations from countries participating in IAEA sponsored projects.

The IAEA session will take place on Tuesday 26 May, and three countries participating in two regional projects carried out through the IAEA’s technical cooperation programme will present their projects. The national project coordinators Ms Nadine Mireille Coulibaly (Burkina Faso), Mr Khalid El Kari (Morocco), and Ms Helen Mulol (South Africa) will describe findings on breastfeeding patterns and maternal body composition in their respective countries. The session will be introduced by Ms Cornelia Loechl of the IAEA Human Health Division, who will speak about the IAEA’s work in nutrition, in particular regarding the value of stable isotope techniques in the area of infant and young child feeding, and Ms Grace Munthali, an expert from the region, will present details on how to measure breast-milk intake.

The FANUS Conference, which takes place every four years, will mainly focus on evaluating the current status of Africa’s achievements regarding the Millennium Development Goals as well as setting goals for the next round of nutrition development in Africa. It will bring together people from a wide array of sectors – including researchers, policy-makers, programme implementers and the private sector – that share an interest in addressing malnutrition. The conference will look at many other facets of nutrition over the five days, including: Nutrition in Africa – changing patterns and causalities; Nutrition as a human right or as an investment case; Nutrition governance and accountability; Maternal nutrition – the neglected factor; Obesity and Non Communicable Diseases in Africa; and Nutrition training and education.

The Federation of Africa Nutrition Societies (FANUS) was established to promote collaboration and capacity-building among Africa-based nutrition scientists and practitioners affiliated with national nutrition societies. During its decade of existence, the Federation has been promoting excellence in nutrition leadership, to strengthen national nutrition sustainability to achieve common goals to influence nutrition in Africa.

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