13 MAY 2015

Jordanian Members of Parliament Visiting Seibersdorf Laboratories

Mediterranean fruit fly

The Jordanian High-level delegation visiting the laboratories in Seibersdorf

Seibersdorf, 13 May 2015. A high-level delegation of Jordanian members of parliament (MP) visited the Nuclear Sciences and Applications (NA) Laboratories on Wednesday afternoon. Mr Aldo Malavasi, Deputy Director General of the IAEA’s Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, welcomed the visitors and highlighted Jordan’s existing cooperation with the IAEA. “Jordan participates in more than 15 IAEA projects through coordinated research activities and the technical cooperation programme, many of which are supported by the Nuclear Sciences and Applications Laboratories here in Seibersdorf,” he said.

Visiting five of the eight NA Laboratories, the group had the opportunity to exchange with scientists on site to get an overview of the laboratories’ wide-ranging scientific activities, particularly in the areas of food and agriculture, human health and nuclear science.

At present, three researchers from the National Centre for Agricultural Research and Extension of Jordan are receiving training on-site through a two-week long course on the management of nitrogen using isotopic techniques, delivered by the Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Laboratory. The MPs had an opportunity to meet with the trainees and discuss the benefits that their training will bring to Jordan.

For the Jordanian high-level delegation, the visit to the laboratories is part of a four-day scientific visit to the IAEA in the field of public information and communication.