Dosimetry Lab (DOL)

The DOL is part of the Human Health Programme and its sub-programme on Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics. The DOL assists in establishing and disseminating best practices in the safe and effective use of radiation for cancer treatment through its quality assurance services for Member States.

Accurate dosimetry is vital in radiation medicine to ensure the correct doses are given to the patient – too much could be fatal, too little and the treatment becomes ineffectual. External dosimetry audits are needed at regular intervals in hospitals to verify the doses given, and also when new equipment is installed.

The DOL supports Member States by provision of dosimetry calibration services to hospitals and Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratories (SSDL's), which themselves provide calibration services to hospitals; by dosimetry audit and verification services; through research and development in dosimetry and radiation physics; and through training.

The benefits of the ReNuAL project

The modernisation of DOL with improved and expanded dosimetry audit services; the expansion of radiotherapy level calibration services to include high energy photon and electron beams based on a linear accelerator; and a new calibration service for high dose-rate brachytherapy, will enable DOL to adapt to technological advances and provide an increased response to Member States requests for dosimetry auditing and calibration services. The additional measuring and Quality Assurance / Quality Control equipment will enable DOL to provide training for up to 20 scientists annually (currently 6-8) on dosimetry and quality management systems. Current calibration services based on external beam Cobalt-60 based radiotherapy would continue.