Future Vision

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Centre The persistence of widespread food insecurity and malnutrition - especially in the context of the continuing pressure on natural resources and concerns over the sustainability of ecosystems - highlights the need for the continuing safe and appropriate use of nuclear and related technologies in agriculture.

Chief among the many challenges are: climate change and the associated extreme weather events; soil fertility degradation and pollution; land-use change; water scarcity; transboundary outbreaks of animal and plant pests and diseases; and the continuing loss of biodiversity needed for agricultural production.

Thanks to the foresight of Member States and their long-standing support of this unique and beneficial partnership, the Joint Centre will continue assisting nations in identifying, developing and applying cutting-edge nuclear technologies that will enable them to keep pace with the many agricultural challenges they face and, at the same time, improve food security and the sustainability of natural resources.