Assessment of the Effectiveness of Vaccination Strategies against Newcastle Disease and Gumboro Disease Using Immunoassay-based Technologies for Increasing Farmyard Poultry Production in Africa


Assessment of the effectiveness of vaccination strategies against Newcastle Disease and Gumboro disease using immuno-assay-based technologies for increasing farmyard poultry production in Africa.


The first Research Co-ordination Meeting (RCM) of the Co-ordinated Research Programme (CRP) “Improvement of health and management of family poultry production in Africa” was held in Rabat, Morocco, in February 1999. Each RCH presented the situation of family poultry production in his/her country and the RAH and observers gave lectures on various aspects of family poultry production. It was decided that during the first year baseline data on family poultry production will be collected from 24 different family poultry farms (2 different ecological zones; 3 villages in each zone; 4 farmers in each village) by each RCH using a detailed standardized questionnaire. The farms will be sampled twice (once during the rainy season and once during the dry season).

The data will be entered on a excel data sheet and will be analysed for the factors constraining productivity in each ecological zone. The spreadsheet will assist uniformity in data collection and facilitate data analysis. During the second RCM to be organized in September, 2000, in Morogoro, Tanzania, the most appropriate interventions for each study site will be selected using parameters such as number of eggs produced, number of chicks reaching adulthood and number of animals sold. The objective of the interventions is to improve productivity on the selected farms. Interventions will consist of providing one or more of the following measures depending on local conditions and the factors limiting production: vaccination, disease prevention, supplementary feeding, simple housing structures and improved marketing.


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  • Report of the Second RCM, Vienna, Austria, 2002. [html]
  • Report of the Final RCM, Vienna, Austria, 2004. [html]

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