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IAEA TECDOC 1294 Development and field evaluation of animal feed supplementation packages.
Proceedings of the final review meeting of an IAEA Technical Co-operation Regional AFRA Project organized by the Animal Production and Health (APH), Joint FAO/IAEA Programme and held in Cairo, Egypt, 25�29 November 2000. IAEA-TECDOC-1294, Vienna (June 2002).

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Table of Contents 46 KB
Summary 62 KB
63 KB Principles of ration formulation for ruminants
72 KB On-farm treatment of straws and stovers with urea
118 KB Applications of the in vitro gas method in the evaluation of feed resources, and enhancement of nutritional value of tannin-rich tree/browse leaves and agro-industrial by-products
Country Reports
71 KB The use of poultry waste as a dietary supplement for ruminants
71 KB The economics of feeding concentrate to partially-milked Sanga cows in the dry season
75 KB Responses to dry season supplementation by dairy cows on the highland zones of Madagascar
74 KB Potential of fodder tree/shrub legumes as a feed resource for dry season supplementation of smallholder ruminant animals
77 KB Enhancing the performance of cut-and-carry based dairy production in selected peri-urban areas of The United Republic of Tanzania through strategic feed supplementation
96 KB Evaluation of the comparative growth and reproductive performance of West African dwarf goats in the Western Highlands of Cameroon
59 KB Mineral supplementation in Tunisian smallholder dairy farms
67 KB Evaluation of forage legume Lablab purpureus as a supplement for lactating Bunaji cows
71 KB Development and field evaluation of animal feed supplementation packages for improving meat and milk production in ruminant livestock using locally available feed resources
101 KB The effect of supplementation strategies on reproductive and productive performance of cows kept under different husbandry systems in Sudan
59 KB Mixed crop-livestock production systems of smallholder farmers in sub-humid and semi-arid areas of Zambia
60 KB Livestock sector in Zambia: Opportunities and limitations
70 KB Some tools to combat dry season nutritional stress in ruminants under African conditions
81 KB Availability and feeding quality characteristics of on-farm produced feed resources in the traditional smallholder sector in Zambia
List of Participants 43 KB
Full Document 670 KB