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Characteristics and Parameters of Family Poultry Production in Africa Characteristics and Parameters of Family Poultry Production in Africa.
Results of a FAO/IAEA Co-ordinated Research Programme on Assessment of the effectiveness of vaccination strategies against Newcastle disease and Gumboro disease using immunoassay-based technologies for increasing farmyard poultry production in Africa. IAEA Vienna (2002).

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Table of Contents 10 KB
Foreword 6 KB
38 KB The need for a holistic view on disease problems in free-range chickens
55 KB Survey of the traditional poultry production system in the Bamenda area, Cameroon
39 KB Am�lioration de l�environnement sanitaire de la volaille traditionnelle: cas de la C�te d�Ivoire
28 KB Strategies for the improvement of rural chicken production in Ghana
42 KB Health and management improvements of family poultry production in Africa - Survey results from Kenya
100 KB Aviculture villageoise � Madagascar: Productivit� et situation �pidemiologique
35 KB Family poultry production in Mauritius: Problems and prospects
132 KB Health and management constraints to family poultry development in Morocco
40 KB Village poultry production in the Sudan
72 KB Studies on the structure and problems of family poultry production in Tanzania
54 KB Newcastle disease and infectious bursal disease among free-range village chickens in Tanzania
265 KB Rural poultry production in two agro-ecological zones of Uganda
30 KB Improvement of health and management of family poultry production in Zimbabwe
24 KB Comparative analysis of family poultry production in twelve African countries
45 KB Experiences in the control of Newcastle disease in Mozambique
41 KB Strategies for vaccination of family poultry against Newcastle disease in Africa
40 KB An ELISA for the detection of antibodies against Newcastle disease virus in African village poultry
44 KB Farmer-driven research on village chicken production in Sanyati, Zimbabwe
82 KB Poultry studies and anthropological research strategies
81 KB Further assessment of scavenging feed resource base
List of Participants 17 KB