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Template for allantoin assay

Calc_alln.xlt is a template for calculation of results in the allantoin assay. First a linear standard curve is fitted based on X and Y, where X is the the concentrations and Y is the absorbance of the standards; then concentrations of the unknown samples will be calculated based on their absorbance .

To access this template, use the pulldown menu command after opening PDWork.xla. Select 'Chemical Analysis', 'Create new calculation'

You can also open the Calc_alln.xlt file directly.


After the template has been opened, you will see the window.

Please note, only enter data in the cells with blue lettering and light green/yellow background.

2 Enter the standard concentrations (mg/L), and absorbance of each standard.
3 Enter the absorbance and other data for the QC sample and the unknown samples.
The results are calculated as you enter the data.

Check consistency of the results of this assay with the historical value. In order to do so, you must transfer the data to the QC database.

Switch to the QCData Worksheet

Copy and paste the data in green area to the QC_database file (QC_alln.xls) previously opened. Or you can specify the path for the QC_alln.xls, and click on the button 'Open the database and Transfer the data'.

Please note: to create the QC_database file (QC_alln.xls), you must first run the 'Open quality control database' in the 'Chemical analysis' option within PDWork.xla.

Also see: PDWork Utilities > Quality control>'Filling in the data'


Print the calculation file if you wish. Save the calculation file.


Also see: Technical Manual> Using the PDWork template to calculate the results