Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information

Q: What equipment and materials are needed to establish a laboratory for RIA? [pdf]
Q: How can nuclear technologies help improving livestock productivity?
Q: How can nuclear technologies be used in livestock breeding and reproductive management?
Q: How do nuclear technologies help control livestock diseases?
  Isotopic technologies present major advantage in measuring reactions very precisely and accurately. Therefore they are still in use in scientific research work to produce for instance better diagnostic tools and tests or to follow the metabolite of a drug through the body. Better diagnostics will help in early diagnosis of diseased animals while better drugs or vaccines will help you reducing the losses due to the pathogen.
Q: What are the major livestock diseases addressed by APH projects?
Q: What does sustainable livestock production mean?
Q: How does IAEA support research in developing countries?
Q: What are CRP and TC projects?
Q: How do I submit an application for a CRP or TC project?
Q: How do I apply to attend a training course?

On Avian Influenza

Q: Are there vaccines for animals ?
Q: How effective is vaccination ?
Q: How easily does the virus spread from bird to bird?
Q: How can the disease be diagnosed in animals?
Q: How can the H5N1 strain of HPAI virus be identified ?
Q: Where can I ask for standard operating procedures or guidelines?
Q: Whom can I contact for advice?
Q: Should we be concerned?
Q: Should I keep all my birds in house and limit contact to wild or free-range birds?