Areas of Work

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Centre The Animal Production and Health section supports Member States in the use of atomic, nuclear and nuclear related technologies to optimize animal feed resource utilization whilst protecting the environment, and improve livestock reproduction and breeding. It also develops and transfers molecular and immunological methods for the diagnosis and control of transboundary animal and zoonotic diseases.

The section, with its animal production and health laboratory, contributes to the enhancement of global food security through the implementation of sustainable livestock production systems using isotopic and irradiation techniques.

The section works with sister divisions in FAO and the Animal World Health Organization (OIE), and assists Member States in the use of nuclear and related techniques to improve livestock productivity. It does this through the efficient use of locally available feed resources, adequate management practices and breeding programmes for indigenous and upgraded animals, and the use of diagnostic tools and prophylactic measures for the control and prevention of animal and zoonotic diseases. These activities lead to the production of more and better quality animals and the protection of such animals from diseases and pests.

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Division Support and guidance is provided by the section in formulating and implementing activities that support Member States’ national, regional and global livestock development objectives.

The main areas of focus are strategic, applied and adaptive research, technology transfer, capacity building, and policy advice and information management.

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