Areas of Work

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Centre The Food and Environmental Protection section focuses on food irradiation, authenticity and traceability, the analysis and control of chemical contaminants, and nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness, response and management.

The section provides assistance and support to countries in their efforts to ensure the safety and quality of food and agricultural commodities while at the same time facilitating international trade. These activities primarily focus on strengthening Member State capacity for the application of international standards on irradiation, as well as on the use of nuclear and related analytical technologies and capacity building in the management of food and environmental hazards. These efforts are based on a coordinated and comprehensive “farm to fork” approach to food production systems that ensures the application of good agricultural practices throughout the food chain.

Food irradiation expert services include the provision of advice and guidelines, and assisting in the adoption and use of technology to maintain food quality and ensure food safety. Expert services also provide a quarantine treatment to prevent the spread of invasive insect species in the international trade of fresh produce.

In the area of analytical techniques and food controls, the section uses nuclear related and complementary technologies to detect and monitor chemical residues in food and the environment and also technologies to trace the geographical origin and to authenticate the composition of food products. The emphasis in this area is on improving Member State laboratory practices in food safety and quality to safeguard health and facilitate international trade.

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