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Financial Decision Support Template for Choosing Countermeasures in Contaminated Areas

Concerns exist over actual or potential contamination by radionuclides. Identifying options for these contaminated areas assists recovery by providing income for their owners and workers without jeopardizing the customers' health. A broad range of countermeasures (CMs) may fulfil these basic criteria. The STRATEGY Countermeasure Compendium contains CMs that have been assessed against common criteria.

Yet the question remains: which option to choose among the feasible CMs for a particular location. This economic template was created to aid the selection of CMs for areas contaminated by radionuclides. Several financial performance indicators are provided for user-defined countermeasure projects.


Excel based financial template and User's Manual
How to use the template (Flash animation)
Sample case studies (Excel worksheets)
  Ploughing, fertilising and reseeding of unimproved pastures
  Combined countermeasures for arable land
  Administration of AFCF boli to ruminants
  Rapeseed cultivation - Alternative land use
Background document of the template
Download template
Future development: Radionuclide Countermeasure Information System (RCMIS) - (Power Point presentation)

The financial template has been prepared by:
Planning and Economic Studies Section (PESS)
Department of Nuclear Energy, IAEA
Contact: Mr. Ferenc Toth (F.L.Toth@iaea.org)