The Development of Generic Irradiation Doses for Quarantine Treatments

This Coordinated Research Project (CRP) will establish validated irradiation doses for non-fruit fly species of quarantine significance. Project results will strengthen existing irradiation standards developed under the International Plant Protection Convention, thereby allowing international trade for various fruits and vegetables through the use of generic irradiation doses for a wide range of quarantined pests.


The overall objective of the CRP is to validate generic treatment doses for groups of arthropod pests of quarantine significance in international trade. Secondary objectives include an examination of the effects of low oxygen commodity storage and dose rate on efficacy and commodity tolerances.

Research will assist in the development of a generic dose treatment for Insecta (except for pupae and adults of Lepidoptera). The work will also assist in setting doses for the quarantine treatment of phylum Arthropoda (and a few subgroups within that phylum) as well as directly establish minimum doses that will provide quarantine security against specific pests in various commodities.


  • Report of the Final Research Coordination Meeting, Vienna, Austria, June 2014. [Download pdf]
  • Report of the Third Research Coordination Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 2012. [Download pdf]
  • Report of the First Research Coordination Meeting, Vienna, Austria, October 2009. [Download pdf]

Project Officer:

C. Blackburn and Yves Henon