Accessible Technologies for the Verification of Origin of Dairy Products as an Example Control System to Enhance Global Trade and Food Safety


Globalisation and the increasing complexity of trade in food provide opportunities and risks to member states. There are increasing opportunities for those states that produce high-quality, safe food to obtain a premium price for it. The risks are associated with inadvertent or fraudulent mislabelling of products causing damage to the brand. This is of particular importance when food safety is compromised. The consequences include lower prices or even loss of market access for the member state. When food safety is compromised it is imperative that the traceability system can rapidly and robustly identify the origin of the risk enabling it to be removed from the supply chain.


This coordinated research project (CRP) will address some of the challenges that developing countries are facing in ensuring food traceability. It will develop a complete end-to-end system, using dairy milk, which has been recently involved in fraud issues endangering the public health (cases of melamine in milk), as an example commodity. Dairy is a priority commodity due to its simple processing procedures, high level of trade, and use as an ingredient in sensitive products such as infant formula. This system will then be available as a template that can be transferred to other commodities as required.

The immediate benefit to laboratories will be the implementation and application of state-of-the-art nuclear technologies for determining the provenance of foodstuffs.


  • First Research Coordination Meeting (RCM), 26 - 29 November, 2013, Vienna, Austria. [Download pdf]
  • Consultants meeting, 11 - 14 September 2012, Vienna, Austria.

Project Officer:

Simon Kelly