FAO/IAEA Technical Co-operation Projects

The Food and Environmental Protection subprogramme of the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture transfers nuclear and related technologies to Member States by providing technical and scientific support through Technical Cooperation Projects (TCPs) that are managed by IAEA's Department of Technical Co-operation and FAO's Technical Co-operation Department.

The transfer of these technologies assists Member States in their efforts to ensure the safety and quality of food and agricultural commodities while at the same time facilitating international trade. Our activities primarily focus on strengthening Member State capacities for the application of international standards on irradiation as well as on the use of nuclear and related analytical technologies and capacity building in the management of food and environmental hazards. These efforts are based on a coordinated and comprehensive “farm to fork” approach to food production systems that ensure the application of good agricultural practices throughout the food chain.

Technical Cooperation Projects are the mechanism to provide policy advice and technology support to Member States. This is achieved through the provision of training, expert services and equipment. These projects assist in developing the necessary human capacity and physical infrastructure, and building sustainable laboratory capability in recipient countries to monitor contaminants and residues.

Application forms for the formulation of IAEA and FAO projects can be respectively obtained at http://www-tc.iaea.org/tcweb/tcprogramme/default.asp and http://www.fao.org/tc/tcp/index_en.asp.

Ongoing Technical Co-operation Projects which are currently being supported by the Insect Pest Control Subprogramme are listed below.

Active TC Projects of Food and Environmental Protection

Project No. 1st
Project Title Technical Officer
Bahrain BAH5001 2016 Determining Pesticide and Mycotoxin Residues in Water and Food J.J. Sasanya
Bangladesh BGD5031 2016 Strengthening Capacities to Monitor and Control Veterinary Drug Residues in Foods of Animal Origin J.J. Sasanya
Belize BZE5007 2014 Supporting Sustainable Capacity Building through Distance Learning for Laboratory Personnel of the National Agricultural Health Authority B. M. Maestroni
G.J. Viljoen
Benin BEN5009 2014 Monitoring Safe Food Supply through Total Diet Studies and the Application of Nuclear and Complementary Analytical Techniques J.J. Sasanya
A.R.R. Pitois (NAEL)
Botswana BOT5014 2016 Enhancing the Use of Nuclear and Isotopic Analytical Techniques in Monitoring Chemical Food Contaminants J.J. Sasanya
Central African Republic CAF5007 2014 Enhancing Laboratory Capacity to Control Chemical and Bacteriological Hazards in Foodstuffs of Animal Origin J.J. Sasanya
Colombia COL5025 2016 Improving Capacity to Diagnose Residual Pesticides and other Contaminants in Exotic Tropical Fruits to Make Food Exports More Acceptable on the International Market J.J. Sasanya
Costa Rica COS5032 2014 Enhancing the Capacity to Control Contaminants and Residues of Veterinary Medicines and Pesticides in Foodstuffs of Animal Origin Using Nuclear and Conventional Analytical Techniques J.J. Sasanya
Costa Rica COS5033 2016 Assessing and Implementing Biochar Use in Climate Smart and Environmentally Friendly Pineapple Production Using Isotopic Techniques C.M. Blackburn
A. Cannavan
M. Zaman
China CPR5022 2016 Implementing the Stable Isotope Technique for High Quality Agro-product Traceability and Authenticity A. Cannavan
S. Kelly
Dominica DMI5001 2016 Enhancing Capacity to Monitor Agrochemical Residues in Foods and the Environment J.J. Sasanya
Ecuador ECU5028 2014 Consolidating Food Security and Environmental Sustainability in Palm Oil Production Using Nuclear Applications B.M. Maestroni
A. Cannavan
J. Adu-Gyamfi
Egypt EGY5026 2016 Establishing a National Reference Laboratory Applying Nuclear/Isotopic and Related Techniques in the Analysis of Food Contaminants J.J. Sasanya
Guatemala GUA7004 2014 Developing Capabilities to Evaluate the Transfer and Fate of Water Pollutants to Improve the Management of Major Basins and the Safety of Agricultural Products B. M. Maestroni
Haiti HAI5006 2016 Increasing Productivity and Exportability in the Agricultural Sector through Soil and Water Management and Food Safety Monitoring C.M. Blackburn
J. Adu-Gyamfi
Inter-Regional INT5154 2016 Improving Food Safety through the Creation of an Interregional Network that Produces Reliable Scientific Data Using Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques J.J. Sasanya
Iraq IRQ5021 2016 Developing Food Safety and Assurance System Using Nuclear and Other Related Technologies J.J. Sasanya
A. Cannavan
S. Kelly
Libya LIB5012 2016 Using Nuclear and Complementary Techniques for Monitoring Agrochemical Residues in Food Products and the Environment J.J. Sasanya
Malaysia MAL5030 2016 Strengthening National Technical Capability in Food Traceability of Edible Birds Nest through the Application of Nuclear and Related Technologies A. Cannavan
S. Kelly
Z. Jandric
Marshall Islands MHL7001 2016 Developing a National Radioactivity Monitoring Capacity J.J. Sasanya
I. Osvath (NAEL)
Mauritius MAR5024 2016 Building Capacity to Analyse Veterinary Drug Residues and Related Chemical Contaminants in Animal Products J.J. Sasanya
Mauritania MAU5005 2016 Strengthening of Laboratory Capacity to Monitor Natural, Chemical and Microbial Food Contaminants J.J. Sasanya
Morocco MOR5036 2016 Valorizing and Improving the Quality of Food Products by Using Irradiation Techniques C.M. Blackburn
Mozambique MOZ5006 2016 Building Laboratory Capacity for Food Safety Using Nuclear/Isotopic and Complementary Analytical Techniques J.J. Sasanya
Namibia NAM5013 2014 Assessing the Spatial Distribution of Lead, Cadmium and Selected Pesticide Residues in Livestock Farming A. Cannavan
J.J. Sasanya
Niger NER5020 2016 Building Capacity at the Central Laboratory (LABOCEL), Niamey, for Control of Food Products of Animal Origin J.J. Sasanya
Nigeria NIR5039 2016 Enhancing Dietary Exposure Assessment of Chemicals in Food J.J. Sasanya
Oman OMA5003 2014 Strengthening National Capabilities in Food Safety and Food Traceability B. M. Maestroni
J.J. Sasanya
Panama PAN5024 2016 Developing Analytical Capabilities for the Detection of Chemical Contaminants in Food and the Quality of Agrochemicals B.M. Maestroni
Panama PAN5025 2016 Expanding and Strengthening the Phytosanitary Surveillance System for Fruit Fly, Emphasizing Exotic Species of Quarantine Importance, and Exploring the Use of Nuclear Techniques for Post-Harvest Treatment as a Complementary Action W. R. Enkerlin Hoeflich
C.M. Blackburn
Senegal SEN5038 2016 Strengthening Laboratory Capabilities for Analysing Veterinary Drug Residues and Contaminants in Food J.J. Sasanya
A. Cannavan
Sierra Leone SIL5016 2016 Strengthening Laboratory Capabilities to Evaluate and Monitor Levels of Mycotoxins, Toxic Metals and Related Contaminants in Foods J.J. Sasanya
Sri Lanka SRL1008 2014 Providing Technical Support for Smooth, Safe and Sustained Operation of the Multipurpose Gamma Irradiation Facility C.M. Blackburn
Sudan SUD5035 2012 Establishing a Laboratory for Monitoring Veterinary Drug Residues and Prohibited Substances in Livestock and Livestock Products through Application of Nuclear and Related Techniques to Protect Public Health J.J. Sasanya
A. Cannavan
Syria SYR5023 2014 Enhancing Analytical Capacities of Major Pesticide Residues B. M. Maestroni
J.J. Sasanya
Syria SYR5024 2016 Enhancing Capabilities to Monitor Naturally-Occurring and Synthetic Anabolic Hormones and other Veterinary Drug Residues in Foods J.J. Sasanya
Uganda UGA5034 2014 Strengthening National Capacity for Testing and Monitoring of Drug Residues in Animal Feeds and Animal Products J.J. Sasanya
Uganda UGA5039 2016 Enhancing the Monitoring of Veterinary Drug Residues, Related Chemicals and Natural Food Contaminants J.J. Sasanya
Tanzania URT5033 2016 Establishing the Feasibility of an Irradiator Facility C.M. Blackburn
Zambia ZAM5030 2016 Establishing a National Mycotoxins Monitoring Programme J. J. Sasanya
Regional Africa RAF1006 2016 Facilitating the Commercial Application of Irradiation Technologies G.J. Hallman
S. Sabharwal (NAPC)
C.M. Blackburn
Regional Africa RAF5067 2012 Establishing a Food Safety Network through the Application of Nuclear and Related Technologies J.J. Sasanya
A. Cannavan
Regional Africa RAF5078 2016 Establishing a Food Safety Network through the Application of Nuclear and Related Technologies, Phase II J.J. Sasanya
Regional Asia RAS5071 2014 Strengthening Adaptive Climate Change Strategies for Food Security through the Use of Food Irradiation (RCA) C. M. Blackburn
Regional Asia RAS5078 2016 Enhancing Food Safety Laboratory Capabilities and Establishing a Network in Asia to Control Veterinary Drug Residues and Related Chemical Contaminants J.J. Sasanya
G.J. Viljoen
Regional Asia RAS7026 2014 Supporting the Use of Receptor Binding Assay (RBA) to Reduce the Adverse Impacts of Harmful Algal Toxins on Seafood Safety M.Y.Dechraoui Bottein, (NAEL)
A. Cannavan
Regional Latin America RLA5065 2014 Improving Agricultural Production Systems Through Resource Use Efficiency (ARCAL CXXXVI) B. M. Maestroni
L.K. Heng
J. Adu-Gyamfi
Regional Latin America RLA5066 2014 Increasing the Commercial Application of Electron Beam and X Ray Irradiation Processing of Food C.M. Blackburn
Regional Latin America RLA5069 2016 Improving Pollution Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants to Reduce the Impact on People and the Environment (ARCAL CXLII) J.J. Sasanya
B.M. Maestroni
Regional Latin America RLA7019 2014 Developing Indicators to Determine the Effect of Pesticides, Heavy Metals and Emerging Contaminants on Continental Aquatic Ecosystems Important to Agriculture and Agroindustry (ARCAL CXXXIX) B. M. Maestroni
E.T. Vasileva-Veleva (NAEL)