FAO/IAEA Technical Co-operation Projects

The Food and Environmental Protection subprogramme of the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture transfers nuclear and related technologies to Member States by providing technical and scientific support through Technical Cooperation Projects (TCPs) that are managed by IAEA's Department of Technical Co-operation and FAO's Technical Co-operation Department.

The transfer of these technologies assists Member States in their efforts to ensure the safety and quality of food and agricultural commodities while at the same time facilitating international trade. Our activities primarily focus on strengthening Member State capacities for the application of international standards on irradiation as well as on the use of nuclear and related analytical technologies and capacity building in the management of food and environmental hazards. These efforts are based on a coordinated and comprehensive “farm to fork” approach to food production systems that ensure the application of good agricultural practices throughout the food chain.

Technical Cooperation Projects are the mechanism to provide policy advice and technology support to Member States. This is achieved through the provision of training, expert services and equipment. These projects assist in developing the necessary human capacity and physical infrastructure, and building sustainable laboratory capability in recipient countries to monitor contaminants and residues.

Application forms for the formulation of IAEA and FAO projects can be respectively obtained at http://www-tc.iaea.org/tcweb/tcprogramme/default.asp and http://www.fao.org/tc/tcp/index_en.asp.

Ongoing Technical Co-operation Projects which are currently being supported by the Insect Pest Control Subprogramme are listed below.

Active TC Projects of Food and Environmental Protection

Country/Region Project No. Title Technical Officer
Burundi BDI5003 Strengthening National Capacities for Monitoring and Testing Veterinary Drug Residues in Food J. J. Sasanya
Benin BEN5013 Expanding Analytical Capabilities for Systematic Control of Veterinary Drug Residues and Related Contaminants in Foodstuff J. J. Sasanya
Bangladesh BGD5032 Building Capacity in Improving Food Safety Using Nuclear and Other Complementary Analytical Techniques S. Kelly
Bahamas BHA5001 Developing laboratory capacity for testing contaminants in animal and related products including fish in Bahamas J. J. Sasanya
Bahrain BAH5002 Establishing a National Quality Control Standard for Foodstuffs and Fishery Products J. J. Sasanya
Botswana BOT5020 Enhancing Capabilities for a Holistic Approach to Testing Food Hazards in Poultry Production and Products J. J. Sasanya
Belize BZE5011 Strengthening Laboratory Capabilities to Monitor Contaminants in Fisheries Products J. J.Sasanya
Cameroon CMR5025 Improving Laboratory Testing Capabilities to Enhance the Safety and Competitiveness of Agricultural Products - Phase I J. J.Sasanya
Chile CHI0021 Building General Capacity for Nuclear Science and Technology Applications in Key Sectors S.D. Kelly
J. J. Sasanya
Costa Rica COS5037 Strengthening Capabilities to Analyse and Monitor Toxic Metals in Animal Products J. J. Sasanya
Cuba CUB5022 Promoting Food Safety through the Mitigation of Contaminants in Fruits for Human Consumption C. M. Blackburn
J. J. Sasanya
Dominica DMI5002 Enhancing Capacity to Monitor Agrochemical Residues in Foods and Related Matrices J.J. Sasanya
Dominican Republic DOM5005 Strengthening National Capabilities to Ensure Food Authenticity S.D. Kelly
Ecuador ECU5030 Reducing Post-Harvest Losses of Native Potatoes and other Fresh Foods by Irradiation C. M. Blackburn
Eritrea ERI5012 Developing Analytical Capabilities for Food Safety J. J. Sasanya
Fiji FIJ5002 Increasing Trade and Export Capacities of Selected Value Chains within the Agro-Food Sector through the Adoption of an Appropriate Quality Infrastructure C. M. Blackburn
Fiji FIJ5004 Establishing a Food Safety Laboratory for Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Root Crops B. M. Maestroni
Georgia GEO5001 Enhancing National Programmes for Testing and Monitoring Food Contaminants and Residues  J. J. Sasanya
Haiti HAI5009 Strengthening Laboratory Capacity to Test and Monitor Food Contaminants J. J. Sasanya
Cote d'Ivoire IVC5041 Strengthening Capabilities to Monitor Contaminants in Food and the Environment J. J. Sasanya
Cambodia KAM5004 Strengthening National Capability for Food and Feed Safety J. J. Sasanya
Kazakhstan KAZ5005 Building Capacities in Effectively Irradiating Food C. M. Blackburn
Kyrgyzstan KIG5001 Establishing Effective Testing and Systematic Monitoring of Residues and Food Contaminants and of Transboundary Animal Diseases J. J. Sasanya
I. Naletoski
Lebanon LEB1010 Establishing an Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Dedicated to Authentication and Provenance for Supporting the National Fraud Repression Scheme M. Groening
S. Kelly
Lebanon LEB5016 Strengthening Capacity for Exposure Assessment of Residues and Contaminants in the National Diet J. J. Sasanya
North Macedonia MAK5009 Enhancing National Capacities to Standardize Nuclear Based and Related Techniques for Food Safety and Detection of Irradiated Food A. Cannavan
B. S. Han
A. Mihailova
C.I. Horak
Malaysia MAL5032 Strengthening National Capacity in Improving the Production of Rice and Fooder Crpps and Authenticity of Local Honey Using Nuclear and Related Technologies A. Cannavan
Mauritius MAR5027 Building Capacity to Analyse Veterinary Drug Residues and Related Chemical Contaminants in Animal Products J. J. Sasanya
Mauritania MAU5008 Strengthening Laboratory Capacity to Analyse and Monitor Residues and Contaminants in Foods J. J. Sasanya
Marshall Islands MHL5002 Building Core Capacities to Control Contaminants and Other Residues in Food — Phase I  J. J. Sasanya
Mongolia MON5024 Enhancing Food Safety Analytical Capabilities for Veterinary Drug Residues and Related Contaminants Using Isotopic Techniques J. J. Sasanya
A. Cannavan
Montenegro MNE5004 Strengthening Technical and Institutional Capacities of the National Reference Laboratory for Food and Feed Control A. Cannavan
Mozambique MOZ5010 Strengthening Confirmatory Analytical Capabilities for Veterinary Drug Residues and Related Contaminants in Animal Products J. J. Sasanya
Namibia NAM5015 Developing Capacity of the National Standard Institution and Agro-Marketing and Trade Agency in the Areas of Food Safety B. Maestroni
A. Cannavan
Namibia NAM5018 Strengthening Animal Health and Food Safety Control Systems J. J. Sasanya
Nepal NEP5007 Supporting Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Agricultural Products B. Maestroni
Niger NER5023 Strengthening Capacity of the Public Health Laboratory to Monitor Food Contaminants J. J. Sasanya
Vanuatu NHE5002 Strengthening Agro-Food Laboratory Quality Infrastructure J. J. Sasanya
Nicaragua NIC5012 Strengthening the Monitoring and Control System for Food Contaminants J. J. Sasanya
Oman OMA5008 Enhancing National Capabilities in Food Safety and Traceability  S. D. Kelly
T.T.U.T.J. of T. Palestinian A. PAL5010 Strengthening Capability to Monitor Contaminants in Food and Related Matrices through Nuclear and Complementary Analytical Techniques J. J. Sasanya
Panama PAN5027 Strengthening Analytical Capabilities for Risk-based Monitoring of Agricultural Products for Internal Consumption J. J. Sasanya
Philippines PHI5035 Advancing Laboratory Capabilities to Monitor Veterinary Drug Residues and Related Contaminants in Foods J. J. Sasanya
Rwanda RWA5002 Strengthening Laboratory Capacity to Analyse and Monitor Food Contaminants by Standards Board J. J. Sasanya
Sri Lanka SRL5048 Strengthening National Capability for Food and Feed Safety A. Cannavan
Sudan SUD5039 Enhancing the Capacity to Monitor Pesticide and Veterinary Residues in Food Using Nuclear and Complementary Techniques J. J. Sasanya
Sudan SUD5040 Strengthening the Evaluation of Quality, Monitoring and Control Programmes for Food Contaminants J. J. Sasanya
Thailand THA5056 Strengthening Food Safety Laboratory Capacities J. J. Sasanya
Uganda UGA5042 Strengthening Capabilities of Two Central Food Safety Laboratories and Selected Regional Veterinary Centres of Public Health J. J. Sasanya
Viet Nam VIE5022 Promoting Interlaboratory Comparison and Accreditation in Testing Chemical Contamination for Food Safety B. M. Maestroni
Democratic Rep. of the  
ZAI5028 Controlling Food and Feed Contaminants in Fish Production  J. J. Sasanya
Africa RAF5084 Strengthening Food Contaminant Monitoring and Control Systems and Enhancing Competitiveness of Agricultural Exports using Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques (AFRA) J. J. Sasanya
Asia RAS5078 Enhancing Food Safety Laboratory Capabilities and Establishing a Network in Asia to Control Veterinary Drug Residues and Related Chemical Contaminants J. J. Sasanya
Asia RAS5081 Enhancing Food Safety and Supporting Regional Authentication of Foodstuffs through Implementation of Nuclear Techniques (RCA) S. Kelly  
Asia RAS5087 Promoting Food Irradiation by Electron Beam and X Ray Technology to Enhance Food Safety, Security and Trade (RCA) C. M. Blackburn
Latin America RLA5079 Applying Radio-Analytical and Complementary Techniques to Monitor Contaminants in Aquaculture (ARCAL CLXXI) J. J. Sasanya
Latin America RLA5080 Strengthening the Regional Collaboration of Official Laboratories to Address Emerging Challenges for Food Safety (ARCAL CLXV) B. M. Maestroni
A. Cannavan
Latin America RLA5081 Improving Regional Testing Capabilities and Monitoring Programmes for Residues/Contaminants in Foods Using Nuclear/Isotopic and Complementary Techniques (ARCAL CLXX) J. J. Sasanya