The Food and Environmental Protection Laboratory implements various training activities through the FAO/IAEA Training and Reference Centre for Food and Pesticide Control (TRC).

Training Courses are organized both at the FAO/IAEA laboratories and in host laboratories in Member States. Training is mainly focused on enhancing the capabilities of analytical laboratories and subjects include:

  • Food traceability and authenticity techniques
  • Veterinary drug residues in animal derived foods
  • Pesticide residues in food
  • Laboratory Quality Assurance

Training The training approach is built on the concept of accelerated capacity building - a step-by-step approach allowing trainees to obtain the necessary level of background knowledge, hands-on workshops in the laboratory, and further dissemination of knowledge by the trainees in their home countries.

Training In 2013, more than 400 developing country scientists and technical staff were trained through courses implemented by the Food and Environmental Protection Subprogramme, either at Seibersdorf or in Member States.

FEP also plans and coordinates training of food safety laboratory staff in various Member States through extrabudgetary funded or technical cooperation programs to enhance national chemical/natural contaminant hazard monitoring plans.