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Laboratory Network that Helped Win Rinderpest Battle Expands Efforts to Control other Animal Diseases

Laboratory Network that Helped Win Rinderpest Battle Expands Efforts to Control other Animal Diseases. In May this year the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus was for the first time ever reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Despite the fact that the disease was considered exotic and had never before been experienced in this country, the national veterinary laboratory in Kinshasa, a partner in the VETLAB Network, was well prepared. Once confirmed, it immediately notified the World Organization for Animal Health and started the implementation of control measures. Read More »

Lesotho, Better Prepared to Fight Animal Diseases

Lesotho, Better Prepared to Fight Animal Diseases. Diagnosing animal diseases early and rapidly is now possible in Lesotho, a country of two million in southern Africa that up until recently relied on foreign laboratories for analysis. Thanks to the support of the IAEA and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), veterinary scientists in the capital Maseru are since June using nuclear and nuclear derived technologies to identify and characterize viruses that affect livestock and humans. Read More »

Nuclear Technique Helps Prevent Insects From Harming Your Coffee Beans

Nuclear Technique Helps Prevent Insects From Harming Your Coffee Beans. Recent studies have shown that the Mediterranean fruit fly inflicts economic damage to coffee production by reducing weight of the coffee bean and affecting quality. The sterile insect technique integrated with other control methods is being used to control the pest protecting coffee production and industry. Watch Video En / Sp »


  • 25 September - 6 October 2017

    Training Course on the Diagnosis of Transboundary Animal Diseases: Early Detection and Characterization, Seibersdorf, Austria.
    Technical Officer: C. Lamien

  • 25 – 29 September 2017

    Consultancy Meeting on ‘Stable Isotopes to Study Agricultural-derived Pollutants and Water Quality as a Function of Land Management Practices’, Vienna, Austria.
    Technical Officer: Joseph Adu-Gyamfi and Lee Heng

  • Mutant Varieties Database (MVD)

    The FAO/IAEA Mutant Variety Database or MVD provides information on induced mutations suitable for breeding programme and genetic analysis. View database →

  • The International Database on Insect Disinfestation and Sterilization (IDIDAS)

    Joint service of the IAEA and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). An interactive resource providing information on a species basis for both disinfestation and sterilization of arthropods, with dosage levels and conditions, efficacy and references. View database →