Completed Coordinated Research Projects

Comparing Rearing Efficiency and Competitiveness of Sterile Male Strains Produced by Genetic, Transgenic or Symbiont-based Technologies
Dormancy Management to Enable Mass-rearing and Increase Efficacy of Sterile Insects and Natural Enemies
Exploring Genetic, Molecular, Mechanical and Behavioural Methods of Sex Separation in Mosquitoes
Enhancing Vector Refractoriness to Trypanosome Infection
Use of Symbiotic Bacteria to Reduce Mass-Rearing Costs and Increase Mating Success in Selected Fruit Pests in Support of SIT Application
Resolution of Cryptic Species Complexes of Tephritid Pests to Overcome Constraints to SIT Application and International Trade
Increasing the Efficiency of Lepidoptera SIT Through Enhanced Quality Control (Finalized 2014)
Development of Generic Irradiation Doses for Quarantine Treatments (Finalized 2014)
Development and Evaluation of Improved Strains of Insect Pests for Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) Applications (Finalized 2014)
Applying Population Genetics and GIS for Managing Livestock Insect Pests
Biology of Male Mosquitoes in Relation to Genetic Control Programmes (Finalized 2013)
Improving SIT for Tsetse Flies through Research on their Symbionts and Pathogens (Finalized 2012)
Development of Standardised Mass Rearing Systems for Male Mosquitoes (Finalized 2011)
Development of Mass Rearing for New World (Anastrepha) and Asian (Bactrocera) Fruit Fly Pests in Support of Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) (Finalized 2009)
Improving Sterile Male Performance in Fruit Fly SIT programmes (Finalized 2009)
Improved and Harmonized Quality Control for Expanded Tsetse Production, Sterilization and Field Application (Finalized 2009)
Molecular Technologies to Improve the Effectiveness of SIT (Finalized 2008)
Improvement of Codling Moth SIT to Facilitate Expansion of Field Application (Finalized 2007)
Enabling technologies for the expansion of SIT for old and new world screwworm (Finalized 2006)
Development of Improved Female Attractants and Their Integration into Fruit Fly SIT Management Programmes (Finalized 2005)
Evaluating the Use of Nuclear Techniques for the Colonization and Production of Natural Enemies of Agricultural Insect Pests (Finalized 2005)
Quality Assurance of Mass Produced and Released Fruit Flies (Finalized 2004)
Genetic Applications to Improve the SIT for Tsetse Control/Eradication Including Genetic Sexing (Finalized 2003)
Enhancement of the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) through Genetic Transformation Using Nuclear Techniques (Finalized 2002)
Improved Attractants for Enhancing the Efficiency of Tsetse Fly Suppression Operations and Barrier Systems Used in Tsetse Control/Eradication Campaigns (Finalized 2002)
Molecular and Genetic Approach to Develop Sexing Strains for Field Application in Fruit Fly SIT Programmes (Finalized 2001)
Automation in Tsetse Fly Mass-rearing for Use in Sterile Insect Technique Programmes (Finalized 2001)
Development of female medfly attractant systems for trapping and sterility assessment (Finalized 2001)
Medfly Mating Behavior Studies under Field Cage Conditions (Finalized 2000)
Evaluation of Population Suppression by Irradiated Lepidoptera and their Progeny (Finalized 1999)

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