Improved and Harmonized Quality Control for Expanded Tsetse Production, Sterilization and Field Application


To improve and harmonize quality control procedures of mass reared and sterilized tsetse.


Increasing interest in tsetse Sterile Insect Technique is leading to increased demand for sterile flies. Little systematic work has been done specifically on the quality of mass reared and sterilized tsetse, and there is an urgent need to harmonize and improve the existing ad hoc measures. This CRP produced a quality control manual similar to the one already produced for tephritid fruit flies.

The Consultants Group Meeting that advised us on the need for this research identified seven main areas: quality control protocols for reproductive behaviour; colony maintenance; tsetse fly diet; irradiation of tsetse flies; fly handling transporting and release; field quality control protocols for released flies; and standardized facilities, equipment, and materials for quality control.


Fourteen contract holders from Belgium, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya (2), Mali, South Africa, Slovak Republic (2), Switzerland, Uganda and United Republic of Tanzania and two agreement holders from Austria (2).


  • The final Evaluation Report [pdf] summarizes achievements under this six-year CRP (2003 - 2009), and shows the list of publications [pdf] prepared during the CRP by participating researches.
  • The final proceedings on TECDOC-1683 [pdf] summarizes achievements under this 6-year CRP (2003 - 2009).