Forthcoming Meetings

Note.- Dates are subjected to change due to the coronavirus pandemia
Research Coordination Meetings (RCM) of Coordinated Research Projects
→   Third RCM on Integration of the SIT with Biocontrol for Greenhouse Insect Pest Management. 19–23 April 2021, Seibersdorf, Austria.
→   Fourth RCM on Improved Field Performance of Sterile Male Lepidoptera to Ensure Success in SIT Pro-grammes. 18 May–21 May 2021, Vienna, Austria.
→   First RCM on Mosquito Radiation, Sterilization and Quality Control. 31 May–4 June 2021, Seibersdorf, Austria.
→   Second RCM on Assessment of Simultaneous Application of SIT and MAT to Enhance Bactrocera Fruit Fly Management. 28 June–2 July 2021, Vienna, Austria.
→   Second RCM on Improvement of Colony Management in Insect Mass-rearing for SIT Applications. 30 August–3 September 2021, Vienna, Austria.
→   Second RCM on Generic Approach for the Development of Genetic Sexing Strains for SIT Applications. 18–22 October 2021, Seibersdorf, Austria.
→   First RCM Meeting on Improving SIT Fruit Fly Field Programmes. 1–5 November 2021, Vienna, Austria.
Consultants and Expert Meetings
→   FAO/IAEA Consultancy Meeting on Rearing of Lepidoptera for SIT Application. 24–27 May 2021, Vienna, Austria.
→   FAO/IAEA Consultancy Meeting on Improving SIT Fruit Fly Field Programmes. 7–11 June 2021, Vienna, Austria.
→   FAO/IAEA Workshop on Design and Evaluation of Mosquito Population Suppression Pilot Trials including Epidemiological Analysis (under Regional TC Project RAS5082). 8–12 February 2021, Nagasaki, Japan.
→   FAO/IAEA First Coordination Meeting on Enhancing the Capacity to Integrate Sterile Insect Technique in the Effective Management of Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes (under Regional TC Project RER5026). 15–19 February 2021, (virtual).
→   FAO/IAEA Final Coordination Meeting on Enhancing Capacity for Detection, Surveillance and Suppression of Exotic and Established Fruit Fly Species through Integration of Sterile Insect Technique with other Sup-pression Methods (under Regional TC Project RAF5074). Date and venue to be announced.
→   Sixteen Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures, International Plant Protection Convention, FAO. 15–19 March 2021, Rome, Italy, (virtual).
→   XXVI International Congress of Entomology. 18–23 July 2021, Helsinki, Finland.
→   FAO/IAEA Workshop on Genetic Diversity Analysis and Colony Management. 26–28 August 2021, Seibersdorf, Austria.
→   11th International Symposium on Fruit Flies of Economic Importance. 15–20 May 2022, Sydney, Australia.