Forthcoming Meetings

Research Coordination Meetings (RCM) of Coordinated Research Projects
→First RCM on Colony Management of Insects for Sterile Insect Technique Application. 2–6 July 2018 Vienna, Austria.  Technical Officer: Adly Abd Alla and C. Caceres
→Third RCM on Mosquito Handling, Transport, Release and Male Trapping Methods. 12–16 November 2018, Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil.  Technical Officer: R. Argiles
→Second RCM on Integration of the SIT with Biocontrol for Greenhouse Insect Pest Management. 25 February–1 March 2019, Mendoza, Argentina.  Technical Officer: A. Parker
→Fourth RCM on Dormancy Management to Enable Mass rearing and Increase Efficacy of Sterile Insects and Natural Enemies. 3–7 June 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece.  Technical Officer: R. Cardoso
→First RCM on Assessment of Simultaneous Application of SIT and MAT to Enhance Bactrocera Fruit Fly Management. 15–19 July 2019, Vienna, Austria.  Technical Officer: R. Cardoso
→First RCM on Generic Approach for the Development of Genetic Sexing Strains for SIT Applications. 7–11 October 2019, Vienna, Austria.  Technical Officer: K. Bourtzis
→Third RCM on Improved Field Performance of Sterile Male Lepidoptera to Ensure Success in SIT Programmes. 21–25 October 2019, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.  Technical Officer: M. Vreysen
→Fourth RCM on Comparing Rearing Efficiency and Competitiveness of Sterile Male Strains Produced by Genetic, Transgenic or Symbiont-based Technologies. 2–6 December 2019, Adelaide, Australia.   Technical Officer: K. Bourtzis
Consultants and Expert Meetings
→FAO/IAEA Expert Meeting on Required Parameters for Mosquito SIT Application (under Interregional TC Project INT5155). 8–10 October 2018, Vienna, Austria. Technical Officer: J. Bouyer
→Expert Meeting on Developing a Regulation for the Transport and Release of Sterile Male Mosquitoes in Europe (under Regional Europe RER5022). 15–19 October 2018, Vienna, Austria. Technical Officer: J. Bouyer
→FAO/IAEA Consultants Meeting on Mosquito Radiation, Sterilization and Quality Control. 4–8 February 2019, Vienna, Austria. Technical Officer: J. Bouyer
→FAO/IAEA Second Coordination Meeting of Africa Regional Project Enhancing Capacity for Detection, Surveillance and Suppression of Exotic and Established Fruit Fly Species through Integration of Sterile Insect Technique with Other Suppression Methods (under Re-gional TC Project RAF5074). 23–27 July, 2018, Accra, Ghana. Technical Officer: D. Lu
→FAO/IAEA Decision Makers Awareness Workshop on Sensitizing the SIT to Senior Public Health Officials (under Interregional TC Project INT5155). 1–5 October 2018, Vienna, Austria. Technical Officer: R. Cardoso-Pereira