Burkina Faso fellow obtains RIA training in Tunisia

Mme Ouadreago prepares milk samples for quality testing Mme. Gisele Marie Sophie Ouadreago from Burkina Faso spent from 25 September to 25 November 2006 at the Ecole Nationale de Medecine Veterinaire in Sidi Thabet, Tunisia on a fellowship visit in relation to TC project BKF/0/002, "Human Resource Development and Nuclear Technology Support". This training, which was organized and carried out under the supervision of Professor Naceur Slimane, dealt with a number of subjects associated with animal production, including bovine artificial insemination (AI), progesterone RIA, milk testing and analysis, animal nutrition and feed analysis.

The overall objective of the visit was to collaborate and share experiences with Tunisian scientists to support the efforts being made to improve animal productivity and food safety in Burkina Faso. In particular, the acquired knowledge and skills will help in the diagnosis, resolution and prevention of problems that reduce effectiveness of AI and, consequently, fertility in cattle. Because of the important role of nutrition in animal fertility, Mme Ouadreago also collaborated with ruminant nutritionists at the veterinary school to develop skills in nutrient analysis of feeds and animal products and in pharmacological and toxicological testing.

Mme Ouadreago was trained in all aspects of artificial insemination, including semen collection In addition to the time spent at the veterinary school, Mme Ouadreago participated in AI activities at the Tunisian AI Centre, situated at the National Headquarters of Livestock Genetic Improvement (Sidi Thabet).

At the Centre, she was not only trained in the complete process of collection and manipulation of bovine semen but also in dairy performance testing, including laboratory control of milk quality analysis and data recording. Her fellowship also included visits to many local farms with local AI inseminators to witness first-hand the organization and application of AI field activities.

Source: Dr. Naceur Slimane, Ecole Nationale de Medecine Veterinaire, 2020 Sidi Thabet, Tunisia. EMail: slimane.naceur@iresa.agrinet.tn.