Germany hosts fellow from Myanmar in animal nutrition

Germany hosts fellow from Myanmar in animal nutrition Dr. Myint Wynn from the Veterinary Assay Laboratory of the National Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department of Myanmar recently completed a 3-month fellowship in Germany (from 10 January to 9 April, 2007). The fellowship was hosted by the Institute for Animal Production in the Tropics and Sub-tropics under the supervision of Dr. Klaus Becker and Dr. Harinder Makkar. The training was associated with TC Project MYA/5/013, Integrated Approach for Enhancing Cattle Productivity in Myanmar.

The fellowship focused on animal nutrition and emphasized training in laboratory techniques. Among the laboratory techniques addressed were 1) proximate analysis, 2) the in vitro gas method for determination of metabolizable energy and partitioning factors as an indicator of microbial protein synthesis, 3) determination of toxic and anti-nutritional factors in feeds, and 4) data analysis and interpretation of results. The training was comprehensive and included work with experimental animals in addition to laboratory analysis.

All of the techniques taught will be applicable in Myanmar. Due to its climate, Myanmar has a great diversity of conventional and non-conventional feedstuffs available, but little data exists on the nutritional value of these materials and especially on the possible presence of toxins and anti-nutritional factors. Mr. Wynn’s main responsibility in Myanmar will be to use the skills gained to evaluate these feedstuffs and formulate high quality, economical rations for cattle production. If successful, this work will benefit the local farmers, allowing them to increase the productivity of their cattle and the income resulting from their farming systems.