E-Learning Course on Packing, Shipping, Holding and Release of Sterile Flies in Area-Wide Fruit Fly Control Programmes.

Based on the FAO/IAEA guidelines, this e-learning course introduces and explains the principles of packing, shipping, holding and release of sterile flies in area-wide fruit fly management programmes. Its overall goal is to help the practitioner ensure that released sterile fruit flies be of the best possible quality and that the sterile fly release densities are adequate to the needs of a given area-wide SIT initiative. It is an open course, divided into 8 modules, each containing one or more chapters. The information in the modules is complemented through hyperlinks to other relevant technical information available in the form of short videos and infographics, as well as - in one instance - an Excel Spreadsheet for sterile insect release density calculations. Each module has a list of references for user’ perusal to search further into the topic. Furthermore, an extensive list of appendixes containing additional information as well as all references and glossaries is available throughout the course.

At the end of each chapter there is a 10-question quiz, designed to assess the proficiency of the user. The latter must pass this test with a rate of 90% of correct answers. Only then, can they move to the next chapter.

Interested individuals can enroll and take the course at the following link: https://elearning.iaea.org/m2/course/view.php?id=600