Milestones in the History of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Division 1964 - The Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Atomic Energy in Agriculture established on 1 October
1964 - Publication of the first manual on the use of isotopic technologies for animal production and health
1966 - First pilot project for the use of isotopes and radiation in studies on the etiology, effects and control of parasitic diseases in domestic animals
1968 - First Sterile Insect Technology (SIT) field pilot project against Mediterranean fruit fly suppression in Capri, Italy
1969 - The first FAO/IAEA international training course on crop mutation breeding

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Division 1970 - Publication of the first Manual of Mutation Breeding
1972 - Nitrogen-15 labelled fertilizer methodology developed for agriculture production
1972 - First SIT pilot project against the tsetse fly (Glossina morsitans) in Tanzania
1972 - First animal production and health symposium on environmental adaptation of animal ecosystems
1977 - Publication of the 2nd edition of Manual of Mutation Breeding
1978 - Concepts of nitrogen-15 usage in biological nitrogen fixation studies released

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Division 1980 - Introduction of tissue culture (biotechnology) for in vitro mutation induction
1980 - The Joint FAO/IAEA/WHO Expert Committee approves food irradiation as safe
1980 - Nitrogen-15 isotope dilution methods developed for the assessment of biological nitrogen fixation
1982 - Eradication of Mediterranean fruit fly from southern Mexico
1983 - Establishment of nuclear-related diagnostic platforms (RIA/ELISA) for animal reproduction and disease diagnoses
1989 - Guidelines for the control of foods contaminated by radionuclides adopted as international Codex standards
1989 - First temperature-sensitive lethal genetic sexing strain developed for SIT application against Mediterranean fruit fly

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Division 1992 - Eradication of New World screwworm in Libya using SIT
1993 - Utilization of phosphate rock sources through use of phosphorus-32 for agricultural production
1993 - Collaborative centre for ELISA and molecular techniques officially recognized by the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE), FAO and WHO
1994 - Sterile insect programme established for the prevention of Mediterranean fruit fly in Los Angeles Basin, California
1994 - First global evaluation of Artificial Insemination (AI) service quality by nuclear techniques
1996 - Techniques for Fallout Radionuclides (FRN) developed for the evaluation of soil erosion
1996 - New nuclear and complimentary techniques introduced for the analysis of veterinary drug residues in foods
1997 - Eradication of the tsetse fly (Glossina austeni) from Zanzibar, Tanzania using the SIT

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Division 2000 - Commercial phytosanitary irradiation facility for fresh fruits established in Hawaii
2002 - FAO/IAEA/USDA International Product Quality Control and Shipping Procedures for Sterile Mass-Reared Tephritid Fruit Flies introduced
2004 - Partnership agreement with the Austrian Government for research on exotic highly contagious animal pathogens
2005 - Eradication of the Mediterranean fruit fly from Chile using the SIT
2005 - First molecular nuclear diagnostic tests in animal health validated and distributed to Member States
2008 - Oxygen-18 stable isotopic technique developed to improve water use efficiency in cropping systems
2008 - Mediterranean and other fruit flies eradicated from southern Argentina and southern Peru using the SIT
2009 - Invasive cactus moth eradicated using the SIT in Yucatan, Mexico

Celebrating 50 Years 1964 - 2014, Joint FAO/IAEA Division 2010 - Analytical methods for food traceability and authenticity established
2010 - Goat genome mapped using nuclear techniques to characterize indigenous goat breeds
2010 - Mosquito mass-rearing system transferred to Member States for field pilot tests
2010 - False codling moth successfully managed in South Africa using the SIT
2011 - Awards received for contributions to the global freedom from Rinderpest campaign
2013 - Mediterranean fruit fly eradicated from Western Guatemala
2013 - Compound specific stable isotope techniques developed for assessing sediment source and soil erosion
2014 - Establishment of the VETLAB Network of veterinary diagnostic laboratories in Africa and Asia