Costa Rica exports "gourmet" tomato to the international market based on a successful technical cooperation projects supported by the IAEA and FAO

Costa Rica has now joined Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras as Member States that have build their success as exporters of vegetables to lucrative markets around IAEA and FAO pest control cooperation projects.

Review of the Ethiopian Tsetse Eradication Project STEP The export of "gourmet" tomato to the United States started in June 2010. The first load of tomatoes has been followed by many more, with a current export volume of 180 metric tonnes. This activity generates substantial revenue and jobs in Costa Rica.

The event marked the culmination of six years of cooperation and support through an IAEA regional technical cooperation project in conjunction with an FAO national project. Next up for export markets are bell peppers, which are being cultivated in newly created fruit fly areas of low pest prevalence.

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