Completed Coordinated Research Projects

Improving nutritional quality by altering concentrations of enhancing factors using induced mutation and biotechnology in crops
Isolation and characterization of genes involved in mutagenesis of crop plants
Enhancing the efficiency of induced mutagenesis through an integrated biotechnology pipeline
Assessment of nutrient uptake from biofortified crops in populations from developing countries
Molecular tools for quality improvement in vegetatively propagated crops including banana and cassava
Identification and pyramiding of mutated genes: novel approaches for improving crop tolerance to salinity and drought
Pyramiding of mutated genes contributing to crop quality & resistance to stress affecting quality
Effects of mutagenic agents on the DNA sequence in plants
Physical mapping technologies for identification and characterization of mutated genes contributing to crop quality
Improvement of Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Trees through Induced Mutations and Biotechnology
Molecular Characterization of Mutated Genes Controlling Important Traits for Seed Crop Improvement
Mutational Analysis of Root Characters in Annual Food Plants Related to Plant Performance
Application of Biotechnology and Mutation Techniques for the Improvement of Local Food Crops in LIFDCs
Cellular Biology and Biotechnology Including Mutation Techniques for Creation of New Useful Banana Genotypes
Induced Mutations in Connection with Biotechnology for Crop Improvement in Latin America
Improvement of New and Traditional Industrial Crops by Induced Mutations and Related Biotechnology
Radio-actively Labelled DNA Probes for Crop Improvement
Sesame improvement by induced mutations, IAEA-TECDOC-1195, January 2001
In Vitro Techniques for Selection of Radiation-induced Mutants Adapted to Adverse Environmental Conditions
Induced Mutations and Other Advanced Technology for Production of Crop Mutants Suitable for Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

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