FAO/IAEA Technical Co-operation Projects

The Plant Breeding and Genetics Sub-programme provides technical support to Member States through:

  • Promoting the development and application of nuclear techniques applied to crop improvement
  • Promoting the development and application of molecular markers techniques applied to mutant characterization
  • Promoting the development and application of genomic based crop breeding for an accurate and specific selection of elite varieties.

We work on transfering the use of nuclear techniques and related efficiency enhancing biotechnologies to Member States by providing technical and scientific support through Technical Co-operation Projects (TCPs) that are managed by IAEA's Department of Technical Co-operation and FAO's Technical Co-operation Department.

This transfer of technologies assists Member States in the implementation of national crop improvement programmes with specific breeding objectives or regional programmes addressing abiotic and/or biotic stresses, which represents serious threats impeding crop productivity in wide areas mostly in the developing world. Through the Technical Co-Operation Projects we also provide policy advice, e.g. drafting of individual country programme framework (cpf) and technology support in the implementation of breeding programmes based on priorities expressed by Member States. This is achieved through the provision of training (individual and groups trainings), expert services and equipment for biotechnology laboratories and breeding units.

Application forms for the formulation of IAEA and FAO projects can be respectively obtained at http://www-tc.iaea.org/tcweb/tcprogramme/default.asp and http://www.fao.org/tc/tcp/index_en.asp.

Ongoing Technical Co-operation Projects which are currently being supported by the Plant Breeding and Genetics Subprogramme are listed below.

Active TC Projects of Plant Breeding and Genetics

Project No. 1st
Project Title Technical Officer
Algeria ALG/5/026 2012 Increasing the genetic variability for the improvement of strategic crops (wheat, barley, chickpeas and dates) for enhanced tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses and the development of biotechnology capacities L. Jankuloski
Bangladesh BGD/5/029 2014 Evaluating Promising Abiotic Stress Tolerant Crop Mutants/Varieties and Measuring the Suitable Management Practices for the Promotion of Sustainable Production at Saline, Submergence and Drought Prone Areas L. Jankuloski in collaboration with Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Bulgaria BUL/5/014 2016 Screening of Cereal Germplasm Stress Response and Adaptation Potential by Advanced Nuclear, Omics and Physiological Approaches J. Jankuloski / S. Nielen
Burkina Faso BKF/5/016 2016 Using Nuclear Techniques for Improving Rice Yield and Quality L. Jankuloski / I. Ingelbrecht
Burundi BDI/0/001 2014 Supporting Human Resource Development and Nuclear Technology Support Including Radiation Safety S. Nielen / I. Ingelbrecht in collaboration with Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Central African Republic CAF/5/008 2016 Improving Cassava Yield through Improved Crop Variety and Best Soil Management Practices Using Nuclear Techniques I. Ingelbrecht / A.M.A. Ghanim in collaboration with Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Colombia COL/5/024 2012 Supporting Mutagenesis and Functional Genomics Applied to the Improvement of Rice S. Nielen
Congo, Democratic Rep. of the ZAI/5/025 2016 Increasing Genetic Variability in Cassava and Maize for Enhanced Tolerance to Biotic and Nitrogen Stresses L. Jankuloski / F. Sarsu
Cote d’Ivoire IVC/5/039 2016 Improving Maize Production in Savannah Areas with Severe Pedoclimatic Degradation in the North of Cote d’Ivoire through the Cultivation of Induced Mutants Adapted to these Areas F. Sarsu / I. Ingelbrecht
Ghana GHA/5/036 2016 Screening Oil Palm M2 Population for Useful Mutants L. Jankuloski / F. Sarsu
Iran, Islamic Republic of IRA/5/014 2016 Improving Wheat Yield and Stress Tolerance for Sustainable Production L. Jankuloski
Kenya KEN/5/034 2014 Using Irradiated Improved Brachiaria Grass and Dolichos Lablab Species for Increasing Quantity and Quality of Milk Production and Reproduction for Smallholder Dairy Farms in Drought Prone Areas S. Nielen / F. Sarsu
Kenya KEN/5/037 2016 Using Climate Smart Bracharia Mutants to Develop Integrated Farm Model Technologies for Improved Livelihood Among Smallholder Farmers S. Nielen / F. Sarsu
Kuwait KUW/5/002 2016 Implementing Mutation Induction to Improve Barley Production under Harsh Environmental Condition L. Jankuloski / A.M.A. Ghanim
Lao, P.D.R. LAO/5/002 2016 Improving Soil Fertility and Water Use Efficiency in the Cassava-Rice-Soybean Production System under Smallholder Farming Systems L. Jankuloski in collaboration with the Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Lesotho LES/5/004 2014 Using Nuclear Techniques for Improvement of Crop Yield, Quality and Stress Tolerance for Sustainable Crop Production (Continuation of the on-going project) S. Nielen / A.M.A. Ghanim
Lesotho LES/5/005 2016 Improving Crop Yield, Quality and Stress Tolerance for Sustainable Crop Production, Phase II S. Nielen / A.M.A. Ghanim
Madagascar MAG/5/023 2014 Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture to Face Food Insecurity and Climate Change with Regard to Basic National Foods (Rice and Maize) L. Jankuloski / F. Sarsu
Mauritania MAU/5/006 2016 Contributing to the Improvement of Rice Crop Yields through the Application of Nuclear Techniques to Water Management and Soil Fertility L. Jankuloski / F. Sarsu in collaboration with the Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Mauritius MAR/5/023 2016 Improving Landraces of Crucifers (Cauliflower and Cabbage) and Carrot through the Use of Nuclear Techniques for Mutation Breeding and Biotechnology F. Sarsu / L. Jankuloski
Mongolia MON/5/021 2012 Improving the Productivity and Sustainability of Farms Using Nuclear Techniques in Combination with Molecular Marker Technology L. Jankuloski / S. Nielen in collaboration with Animal Production and Health Section
Mozambique MOZ/5/007 2012 Enhancing Mutation Breeding of Sorghum and Pearl Millet to Develop High Yield, Disease Resistance and Drought Tolerance S. Nielen / A.M.A. Ghanim
Myanmar MYA/5/020 2012 Strengthening Food Security through Yield Improvement of Local Rice Varieties with Induced Mutation (Phase II) S. Nielen/L. Jankuloski in collaboration with the Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Namibia NAM/5/012 2014 Developing High Yielding and Drought Tolerant Crops through Mutation Breeding F. Sarsu / S. Nielen
Namibia NAM/5/014 2016 Evaluating Efficient Water and Nutrient Use, Molecular Characterization and Nutritional Composition of Mutant Germplasm Populations F. Sarsu / S. Nielen in collaboration with Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Nepal NEP/5/003 2014 Improving Crop Yield for Food Security and Economic Growth by Using Nuclear and Molecular Techniques S. Nielen / L. Jankuloski
Niger NER/5/019 2016 Improving Sesame Plant Productivity by Obtaining High-Yielding Induced Mutants Adapted to Semi-Arid Conditions I. Ingelbrecht / A.M.A. Ghanim
Oman OMA/5/004 2016 Building Capacity for the Improvement of Major Crops through Induced Mutation Using Nuclear and Related Techniques A.M.A. Ghanim / I. Ingelbrecht
Palestine PAL/5/009 2016 Enhancing the Performance of Durum Wheat Landraces by Induced Mutation (Phase II) L. Jankuloski / A.M.A. Ghanim
Qatar QAT/5/006 2016 Enriching Genetic Diversity and Conserving Plant Genetic Resources Using Nuclear Techniques and Related Technologies A.M.A. Ghanim / L. Jankuloski
Regional Africa RAF/5/076 2016 Improving Crops by Using Mutation Induction and Biotechnology through a Farmer Participatory Approach F. Sarsu / S. Nielen
Regional Asia and the Pacific RAS/5/069 2014 Complementing Conventional Approaches with Nuclear Techniques towards Food Risk Mitigation and Post-Flood Rehabilitation Efforts in Asia S. Nielen / L. Jankuloski
RAS/5/070 2014 Developing Bioenergy Crops to Optimize Marginal Land Productivity through Mutation Breeding and Related Techniques (RCA) F. Sarsu / S. Nielen
RAS/5/073 2016 Supporting Climate-proofing Rice Production Systems (CRiPS) Based on Nuclear Applications – Phase II L. Jankuloski / S. Nielen
RAS/5/074 2016 Enhancing Wheat and Barley Productivity thought Induced Mutation with Supportive Breeding and Related Biotechnology Techniques (Phase III) (ARASIA) F. Sarsu / L. Jankuloski
RAS/5/075 2016 Improving Sustainable Cotton Production through Enhanced Resilience to Climate Change L. Jankuloski / F. Sarsu in collaboration with Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
RAS/5/077 2016 Promoting the Application of Mutation Techniques and Related Biotechnologies for the Development of Green Crop Varieties (RCA) S. Nielen / F. Sarsu
Regional Latin America and the Caribbean RLA/5/068 2016 Improving Yield and Commercial Potential of Crops of Economic Importance (ARCAL CL) S. Nielen / L. Jankuloski
Senegal SEN/5/034 2012 Using an integrated approach to develop sustainable agriculture in a context of degrading soil fertility, climate change and crop diversification F. Sarsu in collaboration with Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Sierra Leone SIL/5/014 2014 Enhancing Nutritional and Other End-User Postharvest Qualities of Rice and Cassava through Mutation Breeding S. Nielen / L. Jankuloski
Sierra Leone SIL/5/017 2016 Selecting and Analysing Bio-Enriched and Bio-Fortified Rice and Cassava Lines and their Efficient Postharvest Transformation to Popular Food Products S. Nielen / I. Ingelbrecht
Sri Lanka SRL/5/045 2014 Establishing a National Centre for Nuclear Agriculture F. Sarsu
Sudan SUD/5/037 2016 Applying Nuclear Techniques to Improve Crop Productivity and Livelihood of Small-scale Farmers in Drought Prone Areas F. Sarsu / S. Nielen in collaboration with Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section
Tanzania, United Rep. of URT/5/030 2016 Improving Rice and Barley Production through Application of Mutation Breeding with Marker Assisted Selection L. Jankuloski / F. Sarsu
Tanzania, United Rep. of URT/5/032 2016 Developing Maize Cultivars for Improved Yield and Resistance to Viral Disease F. Sarsu / L. Jankuloski
Thailand THA/0/054 2014 Increasing Adaptability for Adverse Environment Tolerance in Rice Germplasm Using Nuclear Techniques F. Sarsu / S. Nielen
Zimbabwe ZIM/5/021 2016 Assessing and Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Production in Communal and Newly Resettled Farms F. Sarsu / A.M.A. Ghanim in collaboration with Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Section