Forthcoming Meetings

Research Coordination Meetings (RCM) of Coordinated Research Projects
→ Second Research Coordination (RCM) Meeting on Disease Resistance in Rice and Wheat for better Adaptation to Climate Change, D23032, 2 – 6 March 2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Technical Officer: L. Jankuloski
→ Third Research Coordination (RCM) Meeting on Improving Resilience to Drought in Rice and Sorghum through Mutation Breeding, D23031, 22 – 26 June 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Technical Officer: F. Sarsu
Consultants Meetings
→ Consultants Meeting on Integrated Breeding of Major Mutant Traits for Food Security and Climate-Smart Agriculture, 16 – 20 March 2020, Vienna, Austria.
Technical Officer: K. Bimpong
Coordination Meetings
→ Final Project Coordination Meeting on Improving Yield and Commercial Potential of Crops of Economic Importance, RLA5068, 2 – 6 March 2020, Quito, Ecuador.
Technical Officer: F. Sarsu
→ First Project Coordination Meeting on Enhancing productivity and Resilience to Climate Change of Major Food Crops in Europe and Central Asia, RER5024, 23 – 27 March 2020, Ankara, Turkey.
Technical Officer: F. Sarsu