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Mutant Germplasm Characterization using Molecular Markers Mutant Germplasm Characterization using Molecular Markers
Training Course Series No.19. IAEA, Vienna (2002).

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This manual on selected molecular marker techniques was prepared using the handouts and other materials distributed to participants of the 1st FAO/IAEA Interregional Training Course on "Mutant germplasm characterisation using molecular markers" that was organised by the Plant Breeding and Genetics Section of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Applications in Agriculture and the FAO/IAEA Agriculture and Biotechnology Laboratory in 2001.

The following techniques are covered: genomic DNA isolation, restriction analysis of genomic and plasmid DNA, gel electrophoresis, Southern transfer of genomic DNA, non-radioactive DNA hybridization, silver staining, RFLP, AFLP, SSR, ISSR and RAPD analysis, and retrotransposon-based marker systems. Each chapter starts with a short description of the method followed by a detailed stepwise protocol. A colour code facilitates easy finding of the required pages during laboratory work.