Completed Coordinated Research Projects

Minimizing Farming Impacts on Climate Change by Enhancing Carbon and Nitrogen Capture and Storage in Agro-Ecosystems
Response to Nuclear Emergency affecting Food and Agriculture
Landscape Salinity and Water Management for Improving Agricultural Water Productivity
Optimizing Soil, Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Integrated Cropping-Livestock Production Systems
Approaches to Improvement of Crop Genotypes with High Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency for Water Scarce Environments
Soil Quality and Nutrient Management for Sustainable Food Production in Mulch-based Cropping Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
Integrated Isotopic Approaches for an Area-wide Precision Conservation to Control the Impacts of Agricultural Practices on Land Degradation and Soil Erosion
Strategic Placement and Area-Wide Evaluation of Water Conservation Zones in Agricultural Catchments for Biomass Production, Water Quality and Food Security
Managing irrigation water to enhance crop productivity under water-limiting conditions: a role for isotopic techniques
Selection and evaluation of food (cereal and legume) crop genotypes tolerant to low nitrogen and phosphorus soils through the use of isotopic and nuclear-related techniques
Integrated soil, water and nutrient management for conservation agriculture
Selection for greater agronomic water use efficiency in wheat and rice using carbon isotope discrimination
Assess the effectiveness of soil conservation measures for sustainable watershed management using fallout radionuclides
Integrated Soil, Water and Nutrient Management for Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping Systems in Asia
Development of management practices for sustainable crop production systems on tropical acid soils through the use of nuclear and related techniques
Use of Nuclear Techniques for Developing Integrated Nutrient and Water Management Practices for Agroforestry Systems
Management of Nutrients and Water in Rainfed Arid and Semi-Arid Areas for Increasing Crop Production
Use of Nuclear and Related Techniques for Evaluating the Agronomic Effectiveness of Phosphate Fertilizers, in particular Rock Phosphates
Use of Nuclear Techniques for Optimizing Fertilizer Application under Irrigated Wheat to Increase the Efficient Use of Nitrogen Fertilizers and Consequently Reduce Environmental Pollution
Use of Irradiated Sewage Sludge to Increase Soil Fertility and Crop Yields and to Preserve the Environment
Use of Isotope Techniques in Studies on the Management of Organic Matter and Nutrient Turnover for Increased, Sustainable Agricultural Production and Environmental Preservation
Assessment of Soil Erosion through the Use of 137Cs and Related Techniques as a Basis for Soil Conservation, Sustainable Production and Environmental Protection

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