FAO/IAEA Technical Cooperation Projects

The Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Subprogramme of the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture transfers nuclear and related technologies to Member States by providing technical and scientific support through Technical Cooperation Projects (TCPs) that are managed by IAEA's Department of Technical Cooperation and FAO's Technical Cooperation Department.

The transfer of these technologies assists Member States in improving the management practices of soil, water and nutrients to improve soil quality, soil fertility, land productivity and ultimately food security and sustainable agriculture while ensure the conservation of natural (soil and water) resources.

The following areas in soil-water-nutrient management are requested for technical support by the Member States: (i) soil management and conservation for sustainable agriculture and environment. This includes combating desertification, soil erosion assessment, soil fertility enhancement, fertiliser evaluation and soil conservation measures; (ii) technologies and practices for sustainable use and management of water in agriculture. This includes optimising irrigation systems and enhancing crop water productivity and water use efficiency under rainfed and irrigated agro-ecosystems); and (iii) integrated soil-plant management packages to increase crop productivity in harsh environments. This includes an integrated skills and expertise between soil-plant scientists and plant breeding scientists to optimise productivity and quality of crop varieties developed for growing under harsh conditions brought about by climate change and variability.

Technical Cooperation Projects are the mechanism to provide policy advice and technology support to Member States. This is achieved through the provision of training, expert services and equipment. These projects assist in developing the necessary human capacity and physical infrastructure, and in improving the operational processes and regulatory frameworks to establish sustainable technology packages in recipient countries.

Application forms for the formulation of IAEA and FAO projects can be respectively obtained at http://www-tc.iaea.org/tcweb/tcprogramme/default.asp and http://www.fao.org/tc/tcp/index_en.asp.

Ongoing Technical Cooperation Projects which are currently being supported by the Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Subprogramme are listed below.

Active TC Projects of Soil and Water Management & Crop Nutrition

Country Project No. 1st
Project Title Technical Officer
Afghanistan AFG5008 2020 Strengthening Climate Smart Agricultural Practices for Wheat, Fruits and Vegetable Crops M. Zaman 
Algeria ALG5031 2020 Using Nuclear Techniques to Characterize the Potentials of Soils and Vegetation for the Rehabilitation of Regions Affected by Desertification M. Zaman
Azerbaijan AZB5003 2020 Determining of Radioactive Substances in the Environment with a Focus on Water and Soil E. Fulajtar
Bangladesh BGD5033 2020 Using Nuclear Techniques in Assessing Riverbank Erosion E. Fulajtar
Central African Republic CAF5011  2018 Building National Capacities for Improving the Efficiency of Biological Nitrogen Fixation for Food Security, Fertility Restoration and Rehabilitation of Degraded Soils M. Zaman
Central African Republic CAF5012 2020 Building Capacities in Developing Best Agricultural Practices for Enhanced Production of Maize and Its Quality – Phase I M. Zaman
Cambodia KAM5005 2018 Enhancing Soil, Water and Nutrient Management for Sustainable Rice Production and Optimized Yield J. Adu-Gyamfi
Chad CHD5009 2020 Developing Sustainable Water Resources Management through the Use of Nuclear Isotopic Techniques in Drip Irrigation Systems L. Heng
Colombia COL5026 2020 Enhancing Crop Productivity of Creole Potato Using Nuclear and Related Techniques M. Zaman and PBG
Costa Rica COS5035 2018 Building Capacity for the Development of Climate-Smart Agriculture in Rice Farming M. Zaman
Cuba CUB5023 2018 Strengthening National Capacities for the Development of New Varieties of Crops through Induced Mutation to Improve Food Security While Minimizing the Environmental Footprint E. Fulajtar
Gabon GAB5003  2018 Building National Capacities for Monitoring Sedimentation of Dams and Harbours and Management of Remediation Operations  E. Fulajtar
Gabon GAB5004 2020 Improving Soil Fertility Management for Enhanced Maize, Soybean and Groundnut Production J.Adu-Gyamfi
Haiti HAI5008 2020 Strengthening National Capacities for Enhanced Agricultural Crop Productivity J.Adu-Gyamfi
Indonesia INS5044 2020 Intensifying Quality Soybean Production in Indonesia to Achieve Self-Sufficiency J. Adu-Gyamfi and PBG
Interregional Project INT0093  2018 Applying Nuclear Science and Technology in Small Island Developing States in Support of the Sustainable Development Goals and the SAMOA Pathway J. Adu-Gyamfi
Interregional Project INT5156  2020 Building Capacity and Generating Evidence for Climate Change Impacts on Soil, Sediments and Water Resources in Mountainous Regions G. Dercon
Iran IRA5015 2020 Enhancing Capacity of National Producers to Achieve Higher Levels of Self-Sufficiency in Key Staple Crops M. Zaman, FEP and PBG
Iraq IRQ5022 2020 Developing Climate-Smart Irrigation and Nutrient Management Practices to Maximize Water Productivity and Nutrient Use Efficiency at Farm Scale Level Using Nuclear Techniques and Advanced Technology M. Zaman
Laos LAO5004 2018 Enhancing National Capability for Crop Production and Controlling Trans-Boundary Animal Diseases M. Zaman and APH
Lesotho LES5009 2020 Determining Soil Nutrient and Water Use Efficiency Using Isotope Techniques J. Adu-Gyamfi 
Madagascar MAG5026 2020 Enhancing Rice and Maize Productivity through the Use of Improved Lines and Agricultural Practices to Ensure Food Security and Increase Rural Livelihoods J. Adu-Gyamfi and PBG
Malawi MLW5003 2018 Developing Drought Tolerant, High Yielding and Nutritious Crops to Combat the Adverse Effects of Climate Change  E. Fulajtar and PBG
Malaysia MAL5032 2020 Strengthening National Capacity in Improving the Production of Rice and Fodder Crops and Authenticity of Local Honey Using Nuclear and Related Technologies E. Fulajtar, PBG and APH
Mali MLI5030 2020 Developing and Strengthening Climate Smart Agricultural Practices for Enhanced Rice Production — Phase I M. Zaman
Myanmar MYA5027 2018 Monitoring and Assessing Watershed Management Practices on Water Quality and Sedimentation Rates of the Inle Lake - Phase II L. Heng
Namibia NAM5017 2020 Improving Crops for Drought Resilience and Nutritional Quality J. Adu-Gyamfi and PBG
Pakistan PAK5051 2018 Developing Isotope-Aided Techniques in Agriculture for Resource Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation M. Zaman
Panama PAN5028 2020 Improving the Quality of Organic Cocoa Production by Monitoring Heavy Metal Concentrations in Soils and Evaluating Crop Water Use Efficiency J. Adu-Gyamfi
Peru PER5033 2020 Application of Nuclear Techniques for Assessing Soil Erosion and Sedimentation in Mountain Agricultural Catchments E. Fulajtar
Qatar QAT5008 2020 Developing Best Soil, Nutrient, Water and Plant Practices for Increased Production of Forages under Saline Conditions and Vegetables under Glasshouse Using Nuclear and Related Techniques M. Zaman
RAF RAF5079  2018 Enhancing Crop Nutrition and Soil and Water Management and Technology Transfer in Irrigated Systems for Increased Food Production and Income Generation (AFRA) L. Heng
RAF RAF5081 2020 Enhancing Productivity and Climate Resilience in Cassava-Based Systems through Improved Nutrient, Water and Soil Management (AFRA) M. Zaman and G. Dercon
RAS RAS5080 2018 Developing Sustainable Agricultural Production and Upscaling of Salt-Degraded Lands through Integrated Soil, Water and Crop Management Approaches - Phase III M. Zaman
RAS RAS5083 2018 Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture and Land Use Changes through Climate Smart Agricultural Practices M. Zaman
RAS RAS5084 2018 Assessing and Improving Soil and Water Quality to Minimize Land Degradation and Enhance Crop Productivity Using Nuclear Techniques J. Adu-Gyamfi
RAS RAS5089 2020 Enhancing the Sustainability of Date Palm Production in States Parties through Climate-Smart Irrigation, Nutrient and Best Management Practices (ARASIA) H. Said
RLA RLA5076 2018 Strengthening Surveillance Systems and Monitoring Programmes of Hydraulic Facilities Using Nuclear Techniques to Assess Sedimentation Impacts as Environmental and Social Risks (ARCAL CLV) E. Fulajtar
RLA RLA5077 2018 Enhancing Livelihood through Improving Water Use Efficiency Associated with Adaptation Strategies and Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture (ARCAL CLVIII) L. Heng
RLA RLA5078 2018 Improving Fertilization Practices in Crops through the Use of Efficient Genotypes in the Use of Macronutrients and Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (ARCAL CLVII) J. Adu-Gyamfi
RLA RLA5084 2020 Developing Human Resources and Building Capacity of Member States in the Application of Nuclear Technology to Agriculture J. Adu-Gyamfi, PBG and FEP
Rwanda RWA5001 2020 Improving Cassava Resilience to Drought and Waterlogging Stress through Mutation Breeding and Nutrient, Soil and Water Management Techniques M. Zaman and PBG
Senegal SEN5041 2020 Strengthening Climate Smart Agricultural Practices Using Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques on Salt Affected Soils M. Zaman
Seychelles SEY5011  2018 Supporting Better Sustainable Soil Management as Climate Change Adaptation Measures to Enhance National Food and Nutrition Security L. Heng
Sierra Leone SIL5021 2020 Improving Productivity of Rice and Cassava to Contribute to Food Security M. Zaman and PBG
Sudan SUD5037  2016 Application of Nuclear and Related Biotechnology Techniques to Improve of Crop Productivity and Livelihood of Small-Scale Farmers Drought Prone Areas of Sudan J. Adu-Gyamfi and PBG
Togo TOG5002 2018 Improving Crop Productivity and Agricultural Practices through Radiation Induced Mutation Techniques E. Fulajtar and PBG
Zambia ZAM5031 2018 Improving the Yield of Selected Crops to Combat Climate Change  L. Heng and PBG