FAO/IAEA Technical Co-operation Projects

The Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Subprogramme of the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture transfers nuclear and related technologies to Member States by providing technical and scientific support through Technical Co-operation Projects (TCPs) that are managed by IAEA's Department of Technical Co-operation and FAO's Technical Co-operation Department.

The transfer of these technologies assists Member States in improving the management practices of soil, water and nutrients to improve soil quality, soil fertility, land productivity and ultimately food security and sustainable agriculture while ensure the conservation of natural (soil and water) resources.

The following areas in soil-water-nutrient management are requested for technical support by the Member States: (i) soil management and conservation for sustainable agriculture and environment. This includes combating desertification, soil erosion assessment, soil fertility enhancement, fertiliser evaluation and soil conservation measures; (ii) technologies and practices for sustainable use and management of water in agriculture. This includes optimising irrigation systems and enhancing crop water productivity and water use efficiency under rainfed and irrigated agro-ecosystems); and (iii) integrated soil-plant management packages to increase crop productivity in harsh environments. This includes an integrated skills and expertise between soil-plant scientists and plant breeding scientists to optimise productivity and quality of crop varieties developed for growing under harsh conditions brought about by climate change and variability.

Technical Co-Operation Projects are the mechanism to provide policy advice and technology support to Member States. This is achieved through the provision of training, expert services and equipment. These projects assist in developing the necessary human capacity and physical infrastructure, and in improving the operational processes and regulatory frameworks to establish sustainable technology packages in recipient countries.

Application forms for the formulation of IAEA and FAO projects can be respectively obtained at http://www-tc.iaea.org/tcweb/tcprogramme/default.asp and http://www.fao.org/tc/tcp/index_en.asp.

Ongoing Technical Co-operation Projects which are currently being supported by the Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Subprogramme are listed below.

Active TC Projects of Soil and Water Management & Crop Nutrition

Country Project No. 1st
Project Title Technical Officer
Afghanistan AFG5006 2016 Developing and Implementing Soil and Water National Management System Using Nuclear Techniques M. Zaman
Algeria ALG5029 2016 Improving Wheat and Legume Yield through Better Water and Fertilizer Management and Introduction of New Vegetal Material M. Zaman
Bangladesh BGD5029 2014 Evaluating Promising Abiotic Stress Tolerant Crop Mutants/Varieties and Measuring the Suitable Management Practices for the Promotion of Sustainable Production at Saline, Submergence and Drought Prone Areas A. Wahbi
Bolivia BOL5021 2016 Strengthening the Strategic Development Plan for Quinoa Production through Improved Use of Organic Manure, Soil and Crop Management M. Zaman
Botswana BOT5012 2014 Improving Soil and Water Management Options to Optimize Yields of Selected Crops J. Adu-Gyamfi
Brazil BRA5059 2016 Strengthening Strategies of Soil and Water Conservation at the Landscape Level in Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems E. Fulajtar
Burkina Faso BKF5016 2016 Using Nuclear Techniques for Improving Rice Yield and Quality J. Adu-Gyamfi in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Burundi BDI5001 2016 Improving Cassava Productivity through Mutation Breeding and Better Water and Nutrient Management Practices Using Nuclear Techniques M. Zaman in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Central African Republic CAF5008 2016 Cassava androgeneses culture and contribution to soil fertilization M. Zaman
Cameroon CMR5021 2016 Developing Best Nutrient and Water Management Practices to Improve Soil Fertility and Productivity and Minimize Land Degradation Using Isotopic Techniques J. Adu-Gyamfi
Chad CHD5012 2016 Using Nuclear Technology to Improve Knowledge and Sustainable Agricultural Production to Safeguard Lake Chad J. Adu-Gyamfi
Costa Rica COS5033 2016 Assessing and Implementing Biochar Use in Climate Smart and Environmentally Friendly Pineapple Production Using Isotopic Techniques M. Zaman in collaboration with Food and Environmental Protection Section
Cuba CUB5019 2016 Strengthening National Capacity for Monitoring Heavy Metals to Improve Soil and Food Quality Using Nuclear and Related Techniques E. Fulajtar in collaboration with Food and Environmental Protection Section
Ecuador ECU5028 2014 Consolidating Food Security and Environmental Sustainability in Palm Oil Production Using Nuclear Applications J. Adu-Gyamfi in collaboration with Food and Environmental Protection Section
Haiti HAI5006 2016 Increasing Productivity and Exportability in the Agricultural Sector through Soil and Water Management and Food Safety Monitoring J. Adu-Gyamfi in collaboration with Food and Environmental Protection Section
Interregional project INT5153 2014 Assessing the Impact of Climate Change and its Effects on Soil and Water Resources in Polar and Mountainous Regions G. Dercon
Iran IRA5013 2016 Investigating the Effects of Deforestation and Afforestation on Soil Redistribution M. Zaman
Iraq IRQ5020 2016 Restoring Biomass Productivity of Range Land by Using Nuclear Techniques and Advanced Technology A. Wahbi
Cambodia KAM5001 2012 Improving Soil Fertility and Crop Management Strategies in Diversified Rice-Based Farming Systems L. Heng
Jamaica JAM5012 2016 Optimizing Irrigation Water Management to Improve Crop Output and Water Quality Control L. Heng
Kenya KEN5036 2016 Developing Soil Fertility and Water Management for Soil, Crop and Livestock Integration in Three Agro-Ecological Zones J. Adu-Gyamfi
Kuwait KUW5001 2016 Improving Production and Water Use Efficiency of Forage Crops with Nuclear Techniques A. Wahbi
Laos LAO5002 2016 Improving Soil Fertility and Water Use Efficiency in the Cassava-Rice-Soybean Production System under Smallholder Farming Systems M. Zaman
Mauritania MAU5006 2016 Contributing to the Improvement of Rice Crop Yields through the Application of Nuclear Techniques To Water Management and Soil Fertility M. Zaman in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Myanmar MYA5025 2014 Monitoring and Assessment of Watershed Management Practices on Water Quality and Sedimentation Rate of Inle Lake L. Heng
Namibia NAM5014 2016 Evaluating Efficient Water and Nutrient Use, Molecular Characterization and Nutritional Composition of Mutant Germplasm Populations J. Adu-Gyamfi in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Niger NER5019 2016 Improving Sesame Plant Productivity by Obtaining High-Yielding Induced Mutants Adapted to Semi-Arid Conditions J. Adu-Gyamfi in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Niger NER5021 2016 Using Microbial Biotechnology to Improve Productivity and Adapt Cowpea to Climate Change J. Adu-Gyamfi in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Panama PAN5023 2016 Enhancing Rice Crop Yields by Improving Water and Nutrient Management Using Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques J. Adu-Gyamfi
Sri Lanka SRL5045 2016 Establishing a National Centre for Nuclear Agriculture M. Zaman
T.T.U.T.J of T. Palestinian A. PAL5008 2016 Reducing Soil Degradation by Improving Soil Conservation using Fallout Radionuclides (Phase I) E. Fulajtar
Regional Africa RAF0038 2016 Promoting Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries (TCDC) in Africa through Triangular Partnerships (AFRA). [Bilateral TC project between Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire] L. Mabit
Regional Africa RAF5071 2014 Enhancing Crop Nutrition and Soil and Water Management and Technology Transfer in Irrigated Systems for Increased Food Production and Income Generation (AFRA) L. Heng
Regional Africa RAF5075 2016 Enhancing Regional Capacities for Assessing Soil Erosion and the Efficiency of Agricultural Soil Conservation Strategies through Fallout Radionuclides E. Fulajtar / L. Mabit
Regional Asia, Pacific RAS5069 2014 Complementing Conventional Approaches with Nuclear Techniques towards Flood Risk Mitigation and Post-Flood Rehabilitation Efforts in Asia E. Fulajtar in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics, Animal Production and Health and Isotope Hydrology Sections
Regional Asia, Pacific RAS5070 2016 Developing Bioenergy Crops to Optimize Marginal Land Productivity through Mutation Breeding and Related Techniques (RCA) M. Zaman in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics
Regional Asia, Pacific RAS5072 2016 Enhancing the Use of Salt Affected Soils and Saline Water for Crop and Biomass Production and Reducing Land and Water Quality Degradation in ARASIA states parties A. Wahbi
Regional Asia, Pacific RAS5073 2016 Climate Proofing Rice Production Systems (CRiPS) Based on Nuclear Applications, Phase II L. Heng in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Regional Asia, Pacific RAS5075 2016 Improving Sustainable Cotton Production Through Enhanced Resilience to Climate Change M. Zaman in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics
Regional Latin America RLA5064 2016 Strengthening Soil and Water Conservation Strategies at the Landscape Level by Using Innovative Radio and Stable Isotope and Related Techniques (ARCAL CXL) G. Dercon
Regional Latin America RLA5065 2014 Improving Agricultural Production Systems Through Resource Use Efficiency (ARCAL CXXXVI) J. Adu-Gyamfi
Seychelles SEY5007 2014 Increasing Crop Production through Effective Management of Soil Salinity in the Coastal Area using Nuclear and Related Techniques L. Heng
Sudan SUD5037 2016 Application of nuclear and related biotechnology techniques to improve of crop productivity and lively hood of small scale farmers drought prone areas of Sudan M. Zaman in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section
Uganda UGA5037 2016 Introducing Integrated Soil Fertility Management for Improved Crop Production and Food Security E. Fulajtar / L. Mabit
Zimbabwe ZIM5021 2016 Assessing and Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Production in Communal and Newly Resettled Farms L. Mabit in collaboration with Plant Breeding and Genetics Section