Forthcoming Meetings

Coordination Meetings
→ Fertilization Practices in Crops through the Use of Efficient Genotypes, Macronutrients and Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (ARCAL CLVII)’, 20-24 January 2020, Santiago, Chile
Technical Officer: J.Adu-Gyamfi
→ Final Coordination Meeting of RAS5073 ‘Climate Proofing Rice Production Systems (CRiPS) Based on Nuclear Applications, Phase II’, 16-20 March 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia
Technical Officer: L. Heng
→ Workshop of RAS5084 ‘Assessing and Improving Soil and Water Quality to Minimize Land Degradation and Enhance Crop Productivity Using Nuclear Techniques’, on ‘Land Use and Management Practices to Reduce Sediments and Agro-contaminants on Trans-boundary Rivers’, 8-12 June 2020, Manila, Philippines. Technical Officer: J. Adu-Gyamfi
Technical Officer: J.Adu-Gyamfi
Research Coordination Meetings
→ Second Research Coordination Meeting of CRP D1.50.18. ‘Multiple Isotope Fingerprints to Identify Sources and Transport of Agro-Contaminants’, 2–6 March 2020, Accra, Ghana
Technical Officers: J.Adu-Gyamfi and L. Heng