Forthcoming Meetings

Coordination Meetings
→ Second Coordination Meeting for Regional Project RAS5084 ‘Assessing and Improving Soil and Water Quality to Minimize Land Degradation and Enhance Crop Productivity Using Nuclear Techniques’ (RCA), 02-06 December 2019, Tsukuba, Japan
Technical Officer: J.Adu-Gyamfi
Research Coordination Meetings
→ Third Research Coordination Meeting on ‘Nuclear Techniques for a Better Understanding of the Impact of Climate Change on Soil Erosion in Upland Agro-ecosystems’, 14-17 October 2019, Vienna, Austria
Technical Officer: L. Mabit
→ First Research Coordination Meeting on ‘Remediation of Radioactive Contaminated Agricultural Land’, 21 - 44 October 2019, Vienna, Austria
Technical Officers: G. Dercon and A. Lee Zhi Yi
Regional Training Courses
→ Second Regional Training Course of RLA5076 ‘Strengthening Surveillance Systems and Monitoring Programmes of Hydraulic Facilities Using Nuclear Techniques to Assess Sedimentation Impacts as Environmental and Social Risks’ on ‘Integration of FRN, CSSI and water isotope techniques for assessment of sedimentation in water reservoirs’, 4-12 November 2019, Valdivia, Chile.
Technical Officer: E. Fulajtar
→ Regional training course of RAS5073 project ‘Climate Proofing Rice Production Systems (CRiPS) Based on Nuclear Applications, Phase II’ on ‘Enhancing Agricultural Water Management Practices’, 9-13 December 2019, Vientiane, Lao PDR.
Technical Officer: L. Heng