Forthcoming Meetings

Coordination Meetings
→ Regional Training Course of RAS5089 Project ‘Enhancing the sustainability of date palm production in states parties through climate smart irrigation, nutrient and best management practices (ARASIA)’ on the use of 15N fertiliser to assess nutrient use efficiency in date palm plantations, 6-10 October 2020, Amman, Jordan.
Technical Officer: H. Said Ahmed
→ Workshop on Regional Project RAS5084 ‘Assessing and improving soil and water quality to minimize land degradation and enhance crop productivity using nuclear techniques (RCA) on ‘Data management on FRN and stable isotope processing’, 12-16 October 2020, Mumbai, India.
Technical Officer: J.Adu-Gyamfi
→ Regional Training Course of RAF5079 ‘Enhancing crop nutrition and soil and water management and technology transfer in irrigated systems for increased food production and income generation (AFRA)’, 2-13 November 2020, Seibersdorf, Austria. Technical Officers: L. Heng and H. Said Ahmed
→ Regional Training Course of RAF5081 ‘Enhancing productivity and climate resilience in cassava-based systems through improved nutrient, water and soil management (AFRA)’, 16-27 November 2020, Seibersdorf, Austria.
Technical Officers: G. Dercon and M. Zaman
→ Mid-term review meeting of RAF5079 ‘Enhancing Crop Nutrition and Soil and Water Management and Technology Transfer in Irrigated Systems for increased Food Production and Income Generation’, 7-11 December 2020, Vienna, Austria. Project Officer: L. Heng
Research Coordination Meetings
→ First Research Coordination Meeting of CRP D1.50.20. ‘Developing Climate Smart Agricultural practices for carbon sequestration and mitigation of greenhouse gases’, 23-27 November 2020, Vienna, Austria
Project Officers: M. Zaman and L. Heng
→ Second Research Coordination Meeting of CRP D1.50.18. ‘Multiple Isotope Fingerprints to Identify Sources and Transport of Agro-Contaminants’, 30 November - 4 December 2020, Vienna, Austria
Technical Officers: J.Adu-Gyamfi and L. Heng