Books & Proceedings

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Managing Soils for Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. Proceedings of an International Symposium. 2014.
- Part 1 - Contents - Managing Soils for Crop Production and Ecosystem Services [pdf, 4856 kb]
- Part 2 - Preserving and Protecting Soil Resources [pdf, 3607 kb]
- Part 3 - Soil and Water Conservation Zones for Pollution Control [pdf, 3629 kb]
- Part 4 - Managing Soils for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation [pdf, 1971 kb]
- Part 5 - Managing Agricultural Water for Climate Change Adaptation [pdf, 6898 kb]
- Part 6 - Recent Advances in Nuclear Techniques and Instrumentation [pdf, 7185 kb]

or download full document [pdf, 24158 kb]

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