Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics (DMRP)

The IAEA's Dosimetry Laboratory

The experimental work of the IAEA's Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Subprogramme is carried out in the Agency's Dosimetry Laboratory  integrated in the IAEA's Seibersdorf Laboratories, located at the premises of the Austrian Research Centre in Seibersdorf, about 40 km from Vienna.

The IAEA’s Dosimetry Laboratory is the central laboratory of the IAEA/WHO network of Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratories (SSDLs), establishing the link to the International Measurement System. This is realized with the dissemination of standards for radiation measurements in the fields of radiation protection, radiation medicine (radiotherapy and diagnostic x-rays) and industrial applications. Interested SSDLs should download the calibration form, fill it out and send it to the Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Section. Traceable quality audits and comparisons are implemented to assure controlled radiation dosages in radiotherapy, radiation protection and radiation processing in Member States.

The IAEA's Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics subprogramme is primarily focused on services provided to developing Member States through the IAEA/WHO SSDL network and dose quality audits. The measurement standards of Member States are calibrated, free of charge, at the IAEA's Dosimetry Laboratory. The audits are performed through the IAEA/WHO TLD postal dose audit service for SSDLs and radiotherapy centres.

The IAEA's Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Section has the programmatic responsibility, and provides the supervision and manpower required for the measurements at the Dosimetry Laboratory Unit, where all the equipment is located. This consists of two Co-60 therapy units, gamma radiation sources, and x-ray generators for the calibration of ionization chambers and radiation detectors for radiotherapy, mammography and radiation protection. The Laboratory also has thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) equipment.

Staff from the SSDLs of the IAEA/WHO network are accepted for training in the IAEA's Dosimetry Laboratory upon request from the SSDL using the standard procedures of communication with the Agency.