Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics (DMRP)

Medical Physics Developments for Quality Assurance and Clinical Applications of Ionizing Radiation

Quality assurance exercises and dosimetry auditing programmes are used to verify that radiation dosimetry standards are properly disseminated to the end users. Development of new dosimetry auditing procedures takes place within this project. However, even though knowledge of dosimetry is fundamental to the effective use of nuclear applications in human health, the need for collaboration between physicians and medical physicists broadens the mandate of the subprogramme beyond dosimetry. In radiotherapy, patients expect their treatments to be effective and the morbidity associated with the procedures to be acceptably low, thereby intrinsically coupling the outcome and the dose. In the case of diagnostic procedures, the information content of an image (image quality) must be optimized taking into account the dose absorbed by the patient, illustrating again the coupling of outcome and dose. This linkage of medical outcome and dose expands the mandate of medical physics to include other scientific and technical aspects of nuclear technology that affect the health of patients globally. The beneficiaries of this project are patients undergoing diagnosis and treatment.