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Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics


SSDL Newsletter

Provided at this site are the IAEA SSDL Newsletters published in 1999 up to the most recent issue. Electronic files (PDF) of SSDL Newsletters No 25 (1986) to No 39 (1998) are available and can be e-mailed upon request ( The SSDL Newsletter is edited by the Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Section of the IAEA.

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The Agency's Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics Section publishes the SSDL Newsletter twice a year. Hard copies of the Newsletter are distributed cost-free to members of the IAEA/WHO Network of Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratories (SSDLs) and to individuals and institutions in IAEA Member States involved in dosimetry, calibration and quality assurance in medical physics. The last 10 issues of the Newsletter are available on-line in PDF format and new issues of the Newsletter are also available for electronic distribution in PDF format. An electronic Newsletter distribution list has been created so that future editions will be sent automatically to the SSDLs and to affiliated members and collaborating organizations. Other interested readers are invited to submit a request to in order to be included in the SSDL Newsletter e-mail distribution list. Electronic versions of the newsletter can be downloaded from the IAEA Publication web site.