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Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section

Coordinated Research Projects

CRP No. CRP Title Start Date End date Scientific Secretary
F22046 Development of radiation-processed products of natural polymers for application in agriculture, healthcare, industry and environment 2007-12-01 2012-11-17 Ms A. SAFRANY
F23028 Nanoscale Radiation Engineering of Advanced Materials for Potential Biomedical Applications 2009-01-12 2013-01-12 Ms A. SAFRANY
F22048 Development of 18F-labeled Radiopharmaceuticals (beyond [18F]FDG) for use in Oncology and Neurosciences   2009-01-12 2014-01-11 Mr U. BHONSLE
F23027 Application of Large Sample Neutron Activation Analysis Techniques for Inhomogeneous Bulk Archaeological Samples and Large Objects 2008-09-09 2012-09-09 Mr A. ZEMAN (Physics)
F22047 Development of Radiopharmaceuticals Based on 188Re and 90Y for Radionuclide Therapy 2008-04-01 2012-03-31 Mr A. Duatti
F22049 Production and utilisation of Emerging Positron Emitters for Medical Applications with an Emphasis on Cu-64 and I-124   2010-01-04 2014-12-31 Mr M. HAJI-SAEID
F23029 Radiation Treatment of Wastewater for Reuse with Particular Focus on Wastewaters Containing Organic Pollutants 2010-11-15 2014-11-15 Ms S. SABHARWAL
F22050 Development of Ga-68 based PET-Radiopharmaceuticals for Management of Cancer and other Chronic Diseases 2010-11-15 2014-11-14 Mr U. BHONSLE
F22051 Radiation curing of composites for enhancing their features and utility in health care and industry 2011-03-14 2015-03-14 Ms A. SAFRANY
F22052 Development and preclinical evaluations of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals based on Lu-177 and Y-90 labeled monoclonal antibodies and peptides 2011-02-07 2015-02-06 Mr A. Duatti
F22062 Accelerator-based Alternatives to Non-HEU production of Mo-99/Tc-99m 2011-12-14 2015-12-13 Mr M. HAJI-SAEID
F22060 Radiometric Methods for Measuring and Modelling Multiphase Systems Towards Process Management 2012-04-25 2016-04-24 Mr P. BRISSET
F11018 Application of Two and Three Dimensional Neutron Imaging with Focus on Cultural Heritage Research 2012-03-14 2016-03-14 Mr A. ZEMAN Mr M. HAJI-SAEID