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Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section

Past meetings in 2015

For information for participants in meetings at IAEA HQ in Vienna click here

Meeting Title Dates Location Scientific Secretary
CT on "Thin and Ultra Thin layer Activation Radiotracer Method for Wear, Erosion, Corrosion Measurement of Mechanical Pieces" 2015-01-26
Vienna P. Brisset
CT on "Development of E-Learning Systems for Radiopharmacy" 2015-01-26
Vienna U. Bhonsle
CT on "Drug Development and Validation Using Radiopharmaceuticals" postponed
Vienna U. Bhonsle
CT on Review of Operational Guidance on Hospital Radiopharmacy postponed
Vienna U. Bhonsle
TM-47722 on New Ways of Producing Tc-99m and Tc-99m Generators postponed
Vienna J.A. Osso
CT on "Preparation for 1st International Conference on Applications of Radiation Science and Technology" 2015-04-13
Vienna A. Safrany, S. Sabharwal, J.A. Osso
3rd RC on "Application of 3D Neutron Imaging and Tomography in Cultural Heritage" 2015-04-20
Florence, Italy P. Brisset
CT on "Radiation Treatment of Emerging Organic Pollutants" 2015-05-11
Vienna S. Sabharwal
RC-47721-(new CRP) on "Sharing & Developing Protocols to Further Minimize Radioactive Gaseous releases to the Environment in the manufacture of Medical Radioisotopes, as GMP" postponed
Vienna J.A. Osso
CT to "Review the Guidelines on Control and Validation of Processes in Radiation Facilities" 2015-05-18
Vienna A. Safrany
1st RCM of the CRP on "Development of Radiometric Methods for Exploration and Process Optimization in Mining and Mineral Industries" postponed
Vienna P. Brisset
CT on the "Preparation of Guidelines for the Preparation of Radiotracers from Various Nuclides with Special Focus on Tc-99m, I-131 and In-113m" 2015-06-01
Vienna P. Brisset
3rd RC 1212.3 on "Accelerator-Based Alternatives to Non-HEU Production of Mo-99/Tc-99m" 2015-06-22
Vienna New TO/J.A. Osso
CT on "The Preparation of Monograph of Tc-99m Produced by Cyclotron" postponed
Vienna New TO/J.A. Osso
TM on "Enhancing Education Programmes on Radiation Sciences in Cooperation with IAEA Collaborating Centres" 2015-07-06
Vienna A. Safrany, S. Sabharwal
TM on "Regulatory Aspects of Radopharmaceutical Production" 2015-08-24
Vienna U. Bhonsle
TM on "New Generation of EB-Accelerators for Emerging Radiation Processing Applications" 2015-09-07
Vienna S. Sabharwal
4th RC 1205.4 on "Dev. of Preclinical Evaluation of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Based on Lu-177 and Y-90 Labelled Monoclonal Antibodies and Peptides" 2015-09-28
Vienna New TO/J.A. Osso
Working title: "1st RCM Cultural Heritage" 2015-09-29
Vienna S. Sabharwal
CT on "The Development of Standards for Radiotracers Applications in Industry" 2015-10-05
Vienna P. Brisset
2nd RC on" Nanosized Delivery Systems of Radiopharmaceuticals" 2015-10-05
Legnaro, Italy A. Safrany/New TO
CT on "The Preparation and in vitro and in vivo studies with the Radiopharmaceutical Cu-64 Chloride" 2015-10-19
Vienna New TO
2nd RC on "Instructive Surfaces and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Using Radiation Technology" 2015-10-26
Brazil or Portugal A. Safrany/O. Belyakov (NAHU)
CT on "Nanotracers Development and Applications in Multiphase Flows Investigation" 2015-11-02
Vienna P. Brisset
CT on "Pre-Clinical Studies with New Radiopharmaceuticals" 2015-11-09
Vienna U. Bhonsle
4th RC 1188.4 on "Radiation Treatment of Waste Water for Reuse with Particular Focus on Wastewaters Containing Organic Pollutants" 2015-11-16
Beijing, CPR S. Sabharwal