Past meetings

Past Meetings in 2010

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Meeting Title Dates from - to Location Scientific Secretary
Consultants' Meeting on "IAEA Web Info on Radipharmaceuticals' Production" 2010-02-15
Vienna M. R. A. Pillai
Consultants' Meeting on "Radiation Curing of Composites for Enhancing their Features and Utility in Health Care and Industry" 2010-02-22
Vienna A. Safrany
Consultants' Meeting on Preparation of a Booklet on the Role of "Radiation in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2010-03-15
Vienna A. Safrany
RC-1088.2 - Second RCM on "Development of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals based on 188Re and 90Y for Radionuclide Therapy" 2010-03-22
Vienna M.R.A. Pillai
Consultants' Meeting on Future Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals and Nuclear Medicine 2010-05-03
Vienna M.H. Sampa
Consultants' Meeting to Review the Status of "Radiation Treatment of Biohazard Contaminats" and formulate a CRP proposal 2010-05-10
Vienna M.H. Sampa
RC-1115.2 - Second RCM on "Application of Large Sample Neutron Activation Analysis Technique for Inhomogenous Bulk Archeological Samples and Large Objects" 2010-05-17
Delft, NET A. Zeman
M. Haji-Saeid
RC-1146.1 - 1st RCM on Production and Utilization of Emerging Positron Emitters for Medical Applications with a focus on Copper-64 and Iodine-124" 2010-05-31
Vienna M. Haji-Saeid
Consultants' Meeting on "Contributing for Preparation of Radiopharmaceutical sessions of the 2nd Int. Conf. on Clinical PET and Molecular Nuclear Medicine (IPETII)" 2010-06-28
Vienna M. Haji-Saeid
Consultants' Meeting on "Development of 68Ga-based Radiopharmaceuticals for PET" 2010-08-04
Vienna V. Kumar
Consultants' Meeting on Advances in Radiation Technology in Tissue Engineering 2010-08-23
Vienna A. Safrany
Consultants' Meeting on Updating Training Materials on Visual Testing, based on TECDOC-628 Sylabus (under 2010-08-23
Vienna Mr J. Jin
Consultants' Meeting on Therapeutic Radioharmaceuticals for the Treatment of Primary Cancers 2010-08-23
Vienna M.R.A. Pillai
RC-1122.2 - Second RCM on "Development of 18F-labelled Radiopharmaceuticals (beyond [18F] FDG) for Use in Oncology and Neurosciences" 2010-10-04
Vienna V. Kumar
RC-1061.3 - Third RCM on Optimization of Digital Industiral Radiography (DIR) Techniques for Spectific Applications and Development of Procedures and Protocols" 2010-10-18
Vienna Mr J. Jin
RC-1124.2 - Second RCM on "Nanoscale Radiation Engineering of Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications" 2010-11-15
Paris A. Safrany
RC-1077.3 - Third RCM on "Development of 99mTc Radiopharmaceuticals for Cancer Diagnosis and Sentinel Node Detection" 2010-11-22
Vienna A. Duatti
RC-1075.3 - Third RCM on "Development of Novel Adsorbents and Membranes by Radiation Induced Grafting for Selective Separation Purposes" 2010-12-06
Budapest M. H. Sampa