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Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section

Past meetings in 2011

For information for participants in meetings at IAEA HQ in Vienna click here

Meeting Title Dates Location Scientific Secretary
RC-1059.3 on "evaluation and validation of radionuclide generator-based radiotracers for industrial applications" 2011-03-14
Vienna J-H. Jin
RC-1188.1 on "Radiation Treatment of Wastewater for Reuse with Particular Focus on Wastewaters containing Organic Pollutants" 2011-05-02
Vienna M. H. Sampa
RC-1205.1 on "Development and Preclinical Evaluation of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals based on Lu-177 and Y-90 Labelled Monoclonal Antibodies and Peptides" 2011-05-09
Vienna A. Duatti
RC-1168.1 on "Development of Ga-68 based Radiopharmaceuticals for PET" 2011-05-30
Vienna U. Bhonsle
RC-1091.3- 3rd RCM on "Development of Radiation Processed Products of Natural Polymers for Application in Agriculture, Health Care, Industry and Environment" 2011-06-27
Vienna A. Safrany
RC-1207.1 - 1st RCM on "Radiation Curing of Composites for Enhancing the Features and Utility in Health-care and Industry" 2011-07-18
Vienna A. Safrany
Consultants' Meeting on Accelerator-based Production of Molybdenum/Technetium-99m 2011-07-26
Vienna M. Haji-Saeid
A. Duatti
Consultants' Meeting on the Current Status and Future Trend in Radiotracer and Sealed Source Applications in Industry 2011-08-22
Vienna J-H Jin
TM on the Current Status and Future Trends in Development of C-11 labeled Radiopharmaceuticals (joint activity with Human Health programme) 2011-09-05
Vienna U. Bhonsle
Consultants' Meeting on Application of 3D Neutron Imaging in Cultural Heritage Research 2011-09-12
Vienna A. Zeman
M. Haji-Saeid
Consultants' Meeting to Review the Status and Trends in Radiation Processing of Agro Wastes for Biofuel Production 2011-10-03
Vienna A. Safrany
RC-1146.2 - 2nd RCM on "Production and Utilization of Merging Positron Emitters for Medical Applications with a Focus on Copper-64 and Iodine-124" 2011-10-31
Istambul M. Haji-Saeid
RC-1088.3 - 3rd RCM on "Development of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals based on 188 Re and 90Y for Radionuclide Therapy" 2011-11-28
Vienna A. Duatti