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Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section

Upcoming meetings

For information for participants in meetings at IAEA HQ in Vienna click here

Meeting Title Dates Location Scientific Secretary
CM on the "Preparation of Standards for Radiotracer Applications" 2017-04-18
Vienna P. Brisset
CM on the Preparation of a TCS on "Introduction of Chemical Engineering Processes for Radiotracers and Sealed Sources Applications" 2017-04-18
Vienna P. Brisset
CM on "Production Routes of Zr-89 and Ga-68" 2017-06-19
Vienna A. Jalilian / New TO
CM on "Evaluation of ICARST2017" 2017-07-03
Vienna New TO / P. Brisset / S. Sabharwal / J.A. Osso Jr.
CM on "New Compounds for Use in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)" 2017-09-04
Vienna New TO / A. Jalilian
CM on "Radiotracers' Applications in Geothermal Fields" 2017-10-02
Vienna P. Brisset
CM on "Education on Radiation Sciences and Technologies in Member States" 2017-11-13
Vienna New TO / S. Sabharwal
CM on "Revising the Guidelines for QA/QC in Radiation Facilities" 2017-12-04
Vienna New TO