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Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section

Upcoming meetings

For information for participants in meetings at IAEA HQ in Vienna click here

Meeting Title Dates Location Scientific Secretary
RC2 on "Sharing & Developing Protocols to further Minimize Radioactive Gaseous Releases to the Environment in the Manufacture of Medical Radioisotopes as GMP" 2017-03-06
Vienna J.A. Osso Jr.
RC2- on ''Development of Radiometric Methods for Exploration and Process Optimization in Mining and Mineral Industries" 2017-03-06
Vienna P. Brisset
RC3- on "Instructive Surfaces and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Using Radiation Technology" 2017-05-02
Vienna New TO/ O. Belyakov (NAHU)
RC3 on "Nanosized Delivery Systems of Radiopharmaceuticals" 2017-05-02
Vienna New TO/ A. Jalilian
RC-2140 (1) on "New Ways of Producing Tc-99m and Tc-99m Generators" 2017-08-21
Vienna A. Jalilian / J.A. Osso Jr.
RC2- on ''Developing Radiation Treatment Methodologies and New Resin Formulations for Consolidation and Preservation of Archived Materials and Cultural Heritage Artefacts" 2017-09-25



S. Sabharwal