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Industrial Applications and Chemistry Section

Subprogramme 2.5.1: Radioisotope Products for Management of Cancer and other Chronic Diseases

Objective: To improve Member State capabilities in the production and use of radioisotope products for supporting the management of cancer and other chronic diseases. - Supporting national capacity building for production of radioisotopes and generators and adoption of emerging products for medical applications.

Objectives: To enhance and strengthen the expertise and capability of Member States in deploying emerging radioisotopes and generators for medical and other applications of national needs, as well as to assimilate new developments. - Supporting development and availability of quality diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals by enhancing quality assurance systems and compliance with good manufacturing practices.

Objectives: To enhance technical capability of Member States to develop and/or adopt radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic applications and for securing their sustainable availability. - Cost effective therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals Development.

Objectives: To contribute in addressing specific clinical needs of the developing world in the area of cancer treatment, through the development and application of locally produced radiopharmaceuticals.

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