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Book of Extended Sypnoses

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MONDAY, 11 MAY 2015

Atmosphere-Hydrosphere Interactions, Paleoclimate and Paleohydrology, Isotopes in Precipitation

 1 Stable water isotopes: a tribute to Willi Dansgaard and Joel Gat , (IAEA-CN-225-INV360), Jouzel J.,  Full Presentation
 2 The impact of Neogene grassland expansion and aridification on the isotopic composition of continental precipitation , (IAEA-CN-225-INV350), Chamberlain C.,  Full Presentation
 3 Hydrological research in an isotopic data rich era: reflecting on the insight of early pioneers, (IAEA-CN-225-KN269), Noone D.,  Full Presentation
 4 Combined water isotope measurements to infer past climatic changes in polar ice cores, (IAEA-CN-225-176), Landais, A.,  Full Presentation
 5 Spatial and temporal changes of vapor isotopes on the Tibetan plateau, (IAEA-CN-225-193), Tian, L.,  Full Presentation
 6 The study of paleoclimate and subglacial lake Vostok at Arctic and Antarctic research institute (Russia) using stable water isotopes , (IAEA-CN-225-142), Ekaikin, A.,  Full Presentation
 7 Leveraging GNIP and investigator research to map isotopic climate: two decades of precipitation Isoscapes , (IAEA-CN-225-194),Bowen, G.,  Full Presentation
 8 Paleoclimate in the Konya closed basin during last 45000 years based on 230Th ages and oxygen-18 and carbon-13 records of a stalagmite in Incesu cave (Karaman, Turkey) , (IAEA-CN-225-159), Erkan, G.,  Full Presentation

Environmental Studies

 1 The cascade of the isotopic signal from hydrology to global productivity of C3/C4 vegetation , (IAEA-CN-225-INV371),Yakir, D.,  Full Presentation
 2 Evaluating the controls of terrestrial moisture recycling and E-T partitioning on synoptic-scale isotopic gradients in precipitation: implications for monitoring the effects of climate change into the future , (IAEA-CN-225-191), Winnick, M.,  Full Presentation
 3 Connection between the solar cycle and the tritium concentration of precipitation, (IAEA-CN-225-137), Palcsu, L.,  Full Presentation
 4 Combining back-trajectory modeling and measurements of water isotopes to Understand the paleoclimatic record in central Asia: the impact of seasonality and topography , (IAEA-CN-225-223), Caves, J.,  Full Presentation
 5 Isotopic water balance of a large and shallow freshwater lake in China, (IAEA-CN-225-INV343), Xiao, W.,  Full Presentation
 6 Water and carbon budgets of large terrestrial watersheds: isotope constraints, (IAEA-CN-225-082), Veizer, J.,  Full Presentation

TUESDAY, 12 MAY 2015

Groundwater Resources, Age Dating, and Geochemical Evolution Noble Gas Isotope Studies

 1 Stable isotopes, tritium, cfcs and noble gases in the Gacka river region (Croatia), (IAEA-CN-225-076), Lutz, H.,  Full Presentation
 2 Evolution of noble gas isotopes along the regional groundwater flow path: Konya closed basin, Turkey , (IAEA-CN-225-239), Bayari, S.,  Full Presentation
 3 Groundwater residence time and palaeohydrology in the Baltic Artesian Basin: isotope geochemical data , (IAEA-CN-225-274), Vaikmäe, R.,  Full Presentation
 4 Isotopic study to assess the interaction between the main aquifers in southern Kuwait , (IAEA-CN-225-017) , Hadi, K.,  Full Presentation
 5 Using a 28-year tritium record from the Potomac river to calibrate effective porosity in a regional groundwater flow system, (IAEA-CN-225-262) , Sanford, W.,  Full Presentation
 6 A new approach to constrain basal helium flux into aquifers for better estimation of groundwater ages by helium-4 , (IAEA-CN-225-313) , Matsumoto, T.,  Full Presentation
 7 The challenge of complexity in groundwater age dating and paleoclimate reconstructions from lake-sediment archives , (IAEA-CN-225-INV334) , Schwartz, F.,  Full Presentation
 8 Evaluation of recharge processes and flow dynamics in a karst complex system by using water isotope data: the case study of Merinos-Colorado-Carrasco carbonate aquifer (S Spain), (IAEA-CN-225-298) , Barberá, J.,  Full Presentation
 9 Groundwater renewal rates, seasonal recharge dynamics and paleoclimate records , (IAEA-CN-225-106) , Jasenchko, S.,  Full Presentation
 10 Use of environmental isotopes to investigate impact of artificial recharge on Groundwater: Haouz basin of Morocco , (IAEA-CN-225-032) , Ouda, B.,  Full Presentation
 11 Chlorine-36 as a tracer for subsurface flow paths and residence times , (IAEA-CN-225-KN199) , Phillips, F.,  Full Presentation
 12 Chlorine-36 dating of the deep confined aquifer groundwaters of lake Chad basin , (IAEA-CN-225-284) , Bouchez, C.,  Full Presentation
 13 Groundwater recharge investigations using stable water isotopes of soil and groundwater combined with depth-specific age dating of freshwater lenses at Langeoog island, Germany , (IAEA-CN-225-244) , Koeniger,P.,  Full Presentation
 14 The distribution of 238U, 235U and 232Th in carbonate aquifers and implications for groundwater: a case study from the UAE, (IAEA-CN-225-280) , Alshamsi, D.,  Full Presentation
 15 Integrated use of O, H, Sr and 36Cl isotopes to understand salinisation of river and groundwater systems in arid and semi-arid environments: a case study from the Buffels river, Northern Cape, South Africa , (IAEA-CN-225-278) , Miller, J.,  Full Presentation
 16 Isotopic tools for groundwater monitoring to assess the potential environmental impact of shale gas development , (IAEA-CN-225-075) ,Mayer, B.,  Full Presentation
 17 Contaminated groundwater problems at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station and countermeasures at the beginning of 2015 , (IAEA-CN-225-362) , Marui, A.,  Full Presentation


Laser Spectroscopy Advances; Analytical Methods

 1 81Kr: a new tracer of old groundwater flow , (IAEA-CN-225-KN002), Lu, Z.,  Full Presentation
 2 Groundwater dating with atom trap trace analysis of 39Ar , (IAEA-CN-225-INV134) ,Aeschbach-Hertig, W.,  Full Presentation
 3 Laser based radiocarbon analysis , (IAEA-CN-225-INV344), Murnick, D.,  Full Presentation
 4 Real-time analysis of stable water isotopes in highly dynamic systems , (IAEA-CN-225-252), Herbstritt, B.,  Full Presentation
 5 Development of method for efficient extraction of dissolved organic matter for isotopic characterization in natural waters , (IAEA-CN-225-236), Keesari, T.,  Full Presentation
 1 Laser absorption spectrometry for δ18O and δ2H in water: Strategies for obtaining long-term accurate performance,Laser Spectroscopy Workshop, Wassenaar, L.,  Full Presentation
 2 Using CRDS to measure stable isotopes of water: an overview of the technology, configurations and applications, Laser Spectroscopy Workshop, Dennis, K.,  Full Presentation

Isotopic and Hydrological Modeling

 1 Noble gas analysis in water: from temperature reconstruction over excess formation to oxygen turnover on environmentally relevant time scales, (IAEA-CN-225-KN335),Kipfer, R.,  Full Presentation
 2 Environmental tracers as a calibration tool for 3D flow and transport models: case studies from southern Poland, (IAEA-CN-225-062), Kania, J.,  Full Presentation
 3 Water isotopes in monitoring artificial groundwater recharge and validating the 3D groundwater flow model results ,(IAEA-CN-225-212),Hendriksson, N.,  Full Presentation
 4 Cl-, δ18O and d: the triumvirate of tracers for aquitard porewaters , (IAEA-CN-225-300), Clark, I.,  Full Presentation

50 years of IAEA Technical Cooperation

 1 Revisiting 50 years of hydrology TC: history and present evolution, focusing on Sahel zone , (IAEA-CN-225-307),Travi, Y.,  Full Presentation
 2 Progress in the implementation of the project RAF7011 on the assessment of shared aquifer systems in the Sahel region: preliminary results, (IAEA-CN-225-365), Zouari, K.,  Full Presentation
 3 Using isotopic tracers as a tool for understanding groundwater dynamics, recharge mechanism and residence time of aquifer system in the Surma basin, north eastern of Bangladesh,(IAEA-CN-225-097),Ahmed, N.,  Full Presentation
 4 Determination of groundwater residence times in the northeastern portion of Guarani aquifer system (Brazil) using 81Kr, 14C and 4He, (IAEA-CN-225-198), Chang, H.,  Full Presentation
 5 Groundwater in sustainable management of the shared Nile basin water resources: the role of isotope hydrology , (IAEA-CN-225-288), Tindimugaya, C.,  Full Presentation
 6 Isotopic and chemical investigation for groundwater management strategies in the Iullemeden Aquifer System (IAS): southwest part of Niger , (IAEA-CN-225-222), Rabe, S.,  Full Presentation
 7 The national isotope hydrology laboratory and its impact on water research in Ethiopia , (IAEA-CN-225-187), Gebremichael, M.,  Full Presentation
 8 Improving outcomes in Member State isotope laboratories – an overview of IAEA isotope hydrology training and intercomparison testing programs, (IAEA-CN-225-347), Wassenaar, L.,  Full Presentation


Surface Wate Isotopic Studies; Water Pollution Studies

 1 Role of satellite remote sensing in quantification of the hydrological cycle , (IAEA-CN-225-KN345),Lakshmi, V.,  Full Presentation
 2 Using 222Rn to identify and quantify groundwater inflows to the Mundo river (SE Spain) , (IAEA-CN-225-074), Ortega, L.,  Full Presentation
 3 MRT's of 20 Austrian groundwater bodies and its relevance for the implementation of the European Water Framework directive ,(IAEA-CN-225-289),Kralik, M.,  Full Presentation
 4 Transit times of base flow in New Zealand rivers , (IAEA-CN-225-224), Morgenstern, U.,  Full Presentation
 5 Isotope-enabled coupled catchment-lake water balance model, IWBMiso: description and validation, (IAEA-CN-225-318), Belachew, D.,  Full Presentation
 6 Hydro-meteorological processes in India: revelations from stable isotopes in precipitation , (IAEA-CN-225-243), Deshpande, R.,  Full Presentation
 7 Temporal and spatial variations in stable isotopes (18O and 2H) and major ion concentration within the Seversky Donets water catchment, east Ukraine, (IAEA-CN-225-177), Diadin, D.,  Full Presentation
 8 Water sources, runoff contributions and mixing processes investigated by stable isotopes of water and electrical conductivity: a study in a glacierized catchment in the Italian Alps , (IAEA-CN-225-186), Penna, D.,  Full Presentation
 9 Isotope-based assessment of water balance along chain-of-lakes drainages in the continental arctic and subarctic of Canada, (IAEA-CN-225-012), Gibson, J.,  Full Presentation
 10 Global network of isotopes in rivers (GNIR): stable water isotopes in rivers for catchment and hydrological cycle observation , (IAEA-CN-225-317), Halder, J.,  Full Presentation
 11 Isotopic variations (δ18O and δD) in a large river system and its implication to water budget: A case study from the River Ganges, India , (IAEA-CN-225-184), Kumar, A.,  Full Presentation
 12 Assessing groundwater dependence of sub-polar lakes through isotope mass balance method , (IAEA-CN-225-124), Isokangas, E.,  Full Presentation
 13 Water quality in urban systems: tracking nitrogen transport using nitrogen, oxygen, and water isotopes, (IAEA-CN-225-145), Toor, G.,  Full Presentation
 14 234U/238U isotopic ratio in water as indicator of uranium contamination: a study case in Mailuu Suu (Kyrgyzstan) , (IAEA-CN-225-049), Corcho-Alvarado, J.,  Full Presentation
 15 Triple isotope analysis of ground water samples from an urban setting in south west Michigan, USA , (IAEA-CN-225-034), Krishnamurthy, R.,  Full Presentation
 16 The value of high-resolution vertical profiles of δ18O and δ2H in saturated geologic media , (IAEA-CN-225-093), Hendry, M.,  Full Presentation

FRIDAY, 15 MAY 2015

Nutrient Cycles and Contamination

 1 Oxygen isotopes as a tracer of phosphate sources and cycling in aquatic systems ,(IAEA-CN-225-264), Young, M.,  Full Presentation
 2 Tracing the origin and fate of atmospheric nitrate in aquatic systems – insights from triple oxygen isotopes ,(IAEA-CN-225-109),Leis, A.,  Full Presentation
 3 Use of hydrochemical and isotopes for assessing nitrate pollution pressure in the Kinshasa groundwater body / DR Congo, (IAEA-CN-225-013), Kihumba Mfumu, A.,  Full Presentation
 4 Identifying anthropogenic nitrogen sources in ground- and surface water by combining nitrate stable isotopes and a new multi parameter test , (IAEA-CN-225-249), Brielmann, H.,  Full Presentation
 5 Multi-isotopic study to identify processes affecting nitrogen and sulfur in an anthropogenic impacted alluvial coastal aquifer, (IAEA-CN-225-276), Caschetto, M.,  Full Presentation
 6 Understanding nutrient sources and processing in an environmentally stressed catchment using a novel combined stable isotope approach , (IAEA-CN-225-241),Goody, D.,  Full Presentation

Frontiers in Isotope Hydrology

 1 Analytical developments: New perspectives for isotope hydrology ,(IAEA-CN-225-INV372),Aeschbach-Hertig, W.,  Full Presentation
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