Promotion of effective utilization of isotopic techniques and isotopic data is facilitated via dissemination of various materials.


The listings of available IAEA publications on Isotope Hydrology, including the Proceedings of Symposia, Monographs, and the IAEA Technical Documents (IAEA-Tecdocs), resulting from Coordinated Research projects and/or Technical Cooperation projects can be accessed online and downloaded free of charge.

Other publications include the six-volume textbook on Environmental Isotopes in the Hydrological Cycle: Principles and Applications, available in English, translated in French and Spanish. Online access to gridded GNIP Maps and Animations, and technical reports of hydrological studies, e.g. Assessing Groundwater Resources in Bangladesh.


The IHS publishes a regular newsletter on the Section's activities, namely, Water & Environment News on six-month intervals, where detailed information on programme activities can be found. The hard copy of the newsletter is for distribution to individuals and institutions in IAEA Member States free of charge upon request, subject to availability. All of the published issues of the newsletter are available on-line in PDF format.

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