WISER is a self-service platform for data of the Global Networks of Isotopes in Precipitation (GNIP) and Rivers (GNIR), hosted within the IAEA's repository for technical resources (NUCLEUS).


WISER is accessible to registered NUCLEUS users. It uses the NUCLEUS-Single-Sign-On (SSO) concept, which allows using the same log-in credentials (username and password), for a number of NUCLEUS applications. When accessing WISER through the URL, you will be forwarded to the NUCLEUS log-in page. After entering your user credentials and validation, you will be forwarded to the WISER landing page.

NUCLEUS accounts are administrated by IAEA IT Service Desk; a help page for these accounts is available at

Menu and data structure

WISER features three main data services:

GNIP data: Data from monthly and event-based precipitation observations, and a few water vapour collection sites.

GNIR data: : Data from regular river water observations.

Other data: : This menu item currently hosts data which originate from synoptic river water and precipitation studies.

The GNIP and GNIR tabs allow selecting data through querying by country or WMO region, by period of operation as well as by isotopic species (δ18O, δ2H, 3H), and by drawing a rectangular bounding box on the map. Other data can be browsed by country or rectangular bounding box.

In the query result, you may sort the list by any of the attributes through clicking on the headers (a second click sorts descending). You can view summary plots or statistics for each of the stations (these statistics and plots are designed to give you a first glance of the data. Downloading data is possible in Excel and CSV formats for individual stations or for the whole selection (the download limit is 10,000 records per transaction). For 'other data', only downloads are possible.

WISER allows to visualize the data geographically on a world map. Note that for display purposes, individual GNIP or GNIR stations may be presented as clusters (dots with numbers which expand when clicking on them). Clicking on any individual dot displays the name and location of the corresponding station or the title of a project, and also indicates the partner organization and/or literature reference. Click on a station or project name to access the station/project lists.

Data sources for GNIP and GNIR

A list of partner institutions and literature references is available here

Additional resources for GNIP and GNIR

GNIP web page


GNIR web page


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