Monographs are isotope hydrology handbooks and specialized publications on concrete hydrological applications of isotope techniques dating from the 1970s until today. They provide a historical perspective of the development of the scientific basis for the application of isotope tools in hydrology and related fields. Subjects include areas such as palaeoclimate and paleowaters, arid zone hydrology, isotopes in lake studies and groundwater pollution, use of chlorofluorocarbons in hydrology, geothermal exploration, noble gases as tracers of groundwater, tritium in the environment, nuclear techniques in geochemistry and geophysics and isotopes to follow pollutants, to name just a few.

Publications 1–5 out of 38.
Book Title
 1 STI 1238Use of Chloroflourocarbons in Hydrology A Guidebook, STI 1238, (2006),  Full Text
 2 STI 1086Isotopic and Chemical Techniques in Geothermal Exploration, Developmant and Use, STI 1086, (2000), Full Text
 3 STI 859Isotope of Noble Gases as Tracers in Environmental Studies, STI 859, Proceedings of a Consultants Meeting, Vienna, 29 April-2 May 1989, (1992), Full Text
 4 STI 790Isotope Techniques in the Study of the Hydrology of Fractured and Fissured Rocks,
STI 790, Proceedings of an Advisory Group Meeting, Vienna, 17-21 November 1986, (1989), Full Text
 5 STI 747Study of Isotope Variations in Nature, STI 747, Proceedings of an Advisory Group Meeting, Vienna, 17-20 June 1985, (1987), Full Text
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